Backstreet Boys at the O2 Arena, London


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SuperBreak’s Lexi took a trip down memory lane last week when she went to see popular 90s boyband, Backstreet Boys perform live at the O2 Arena in London. Read on to find out if the boys really were larger than life…


1. What event did you go to see and why?

I went to see the Backstreet Boys as I wanted a chance for me and my friends to enjoy a night with the bands we grew up with. We felt like kids again and I knew All Saints were supporting them, so it was 2 for 1.

2. What did you think of the performance? Did it live up to expectations?
I thought they were great, put on a great performance considering they have not performed together for a long time. They really got involved with the fans and included them throughout.

3. Was this your first visit to The O2? What did you make of the facilities?
I’ve been to the O2 several times before and it never disappoints. There are loads of options to eat and drink and to have a good night out even if you are not seeing a concert.

4. Did you enjoy a meal or drinks out before the event? If so would you recommend the places?
Unfortunately, I did not get chance to eat in one of the restaurants as I had delays on the tube but I was able to order food into the box which was very quick and very nice.

5. Which hotel did you stay in and what did you think of it? How far was the distance to The O2?
For this stay, I stayed at the Royal National Hotel. The hotel gets a lot of bad comments because of the size of it but my room was very clean and I had no complaints. They took in are bags early in the morning, so we did not have to carry them around and there was a wide choice for breakfast the next day.

6. How did you get to The O2? How did you find travelling around London?
I used the tubes to get to the O2 Arena. From Russell Square you only need to change once at Green Park and it is very easy to get there.

7. How does The O2 compare to other venues?
The O2 Arena is great for seeing an event or just a night out, as there is always things going on. There is so much atmosphere in the arena as well making the concert so much better.

8. Have any other events caught your eye this year?
Many things coming up to look forward to including Lady Gaga!


Which 90’s pop group would you like to see live? Have you seen any other music event at the O2 Arena in London? Share your experience using the comments box below. 


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