Beyoncé at the London O2 Arena


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Imagine your first time to a music arena is to see Beyoncé perform live…this was Superbreak’s Ellen last weekend! Read on to discover if both the London O2 Arena and the wonderful Beyoncé lived up to her expectations.


1. What event did you go to see and why?

On Saturday 1 March, my partner and I travelled down to London to watch Beyonce at The O2 arena. We were very excited about seeing Beyonce perform live, as both Ian and I have been fans of her since her Destiny’s Child days. We were also very giddy because this was the first time we had both been to a large scale music arena, so we were looking forward to being apart of the experience.


2. What did you think of the performance? Did it live up to expectations?

At 9pm the lights went down, which was quickly followed by roars of screams, so we could only assume that Beyonce was coming onstage. The lighting and sound effects blazed out of the set like fireworks and really helped build up the atmosphere of the evening. Beyonce appeared and began singing a mash-up version of ‘Run the World (Girls)’. Beyonce and her team of talented dancers and singers bought a large amount of energy to the stage and Beyonce continued to sing many of her well-known hits including ‘Crazy in Love’, ‘Irreplaceable’, ‘1+1’ and one of my favourites ‘Single Ladies’, which had the whole audience up and dancing! I didn’t think the screams could get any louder, but I was wrong especially when Jay-Z made a guest appearance during ‘Drunk in Love’.

Beyonce continued to perform a handful of mash-ups / remixes of her songs – some were good, some wasn’t so good. I was slightly disappointed with the remix version of ‘Why Do You Love Me?’, as she kept stopping throughout the song for long periods of time, which reduced the energy of the song.

Nearing to the end of the night, Beyonce appeared back on the stage wearing the most beautiful sequinned long dress and sung many stunning ballads including Dolly Parton’s / Whitney Houston’s ‘I Will Always Love You’.


3. Was this your first visit to The O2? What did you make of the facilities?

The O2 arena is large in size and I was impressed by the wide range of seating and standing options available in order to cater for everyone’s needs.


 4. Did you enjoy a meal or drinks out before the event? If so would you recommend the places?

The arena is surrounded by many eateries, however we decided to go to Café Rouge, which was just outside the O2 arena, mainly because the prices were cheaper. The restaurant was quiet compared to the O2 arena restaurants, so we were able to sit back and relax before the hustle and bustle of the Beyonce concert began.


5. Which hotel did you stay in and what did you think of it? How far was the distance to The O2?

We stayed at the Holiday Inn Express London Royal Docklands which is in Channing Town (2 stops from the O2). We originally wanted to get a hotel near King’s Cross Train Station, however we decided against it and decided a 40 minute commute in the morning would be fine. We were so happy we choose to stay at this hotel as after the event many of the patrons were getting the tube back to central London, which caused many people to squeeze themselves into the tubes. Ian and I on the other hand got onto a relatively empty tube and had loads of space to stretch out our legs.

The hotel was basic, but this was ideal for us as all we needed was somewhere to sleep. We had a peaceful night’s sleep and enjoyed a buffet breakfast, which included everything from cereal, yogurt, toast, pastries and a mini English breakfast.


6. How did you get to The O2? How did you find travelling around London?

We went on the underground from King’s Cross to London Bridge and changed to get the connection to North Greenwich, where to the O2 is. Going back on the tube on the Sunday morning was simple and I was shocked to see how quiet it was. A journey back to the train station that should have taken 40 minutes took 25 minutes and we had time to buy a magazine each for the journey back to York.


7. Have any other events caught your eye this year?

In July, my friend and I are off to see Monty Python at the London O2 Arena, which we are very excited about! I have a feeling that I might be buying a lot of merchandise, fingers crossed I can resist the temptation.


 Were you lucky enough to see Beyoncé or any other events at the London O2 Arena too? Let us know what you made of the night by using the comments box below. 


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