Guest Post: Alicia Keys at the London O2 Arena


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As a big fan of Alicia Keys, Superbreak Customer Service Advisor, Natalie Benson was truly excited when she got tickets to see the global superstar live. Read her first-hand event review for London’s O2 Arena here…

London O2 Arena
London’s O2 Arena

I had known for well over 6 months that I was going to see Alicia Keys and I was taking my best friend to celebrate her 40th…even if it was 5 months after! We were both fans, especially Jemma who is a big fan, so it didn’t really matter anyway.

With our bags packed to the brim, the odd top and pair of shoes crammed in amongst the wine and gin, we arrived at the station in good time, well Jemma is a total nightmare when it comes to travelling so we thought it better to be 2 hours early than 2 minutes late!

We arrived at Kings Cross and quickly made our way to our hotel, the Marriot at West India Quay. We had originally booked a standard twin room, but to our surprise on arrival were informed that we had been upgraded to an executive studio suite as it was for a special birthday occasion. Well, they weren’t to know it was last December ha!  The room was lovely with a river view and very spacious.

With it being such a lovely day, it was rude not to quickly unpack and wander down to Canary Wharf for a quick couple of refreshers at the Cat and Canary, we thought we could get used to this. We wouldn’t have stayed there so long if it wasn’t for Jemma being Jemma and unable to drag herself away from every suited and booted male within a hundred yards! I wasn’t looking, honest … well that’s what I told my husband!

We nipped to Tesco Express for a spot of lunch before heading back to the hotel to eat. We must have only been in the room for about 20 minutes when to our surprise there was a knock on the door. We found room service with a bottle of red wine and some strawberries dipped in chocolate with cream (18 to be precise). I gave one to Jemma as, of course, she is slimming…and I can’t remember where the other 17 ended up ha!

After watching a bit of afternoon TV, we got ourselves ready and made our way to the London O2 Arena. Before the show began, we just had time for another cheeky little cocktail, it’s a hard life.

By around 8pm, Miguel entered the stage. I hadn’t previously known who he was, and to be honest he wasn’t my cup of tea, although he did perform around 4 or 5 songs well.

Alicia Keys came on at about 9:25pm, opening the show with ‘New York’ accompanied with 4 dancers. She then took to the piano for the next half dozen songs with the dancers occasionally strutting their stuff!

I was telling Jemma about the last time I was at the O2 Arena when I watched Plan B, and saying how good ‘Labrinth’ was and she was very jealous…blow me, five minutes later he was introduced and took to the stage, very bizarre! Along with a brief appearance from John Legend, it was an unexpected bonus as apparently they weren’t there the previous evening, so good stuff.

She performed 19 songs in all, but if I am brutally honest, apart from her smash hits and most well known songs, the rest seemed a bit of the ‘same old’…certainly the break with Labrinth helped to break this up a little. But by no means did I not enjoy it and would go watch her again as she is very talented and has an amazing singing voice.

Have you ever seen Alicia Keys live in concert or planning to see an O2 event soon? Let us know using the comments box below.

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