The very last night of Monty Python at The O2


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As lifetime fans of Monty Python, SuperBreak’s Carole and her brother couldn’t wait to see the live performance at The O2, and not just any show, the last one ever! They’re here to tell us why this night will stay with them for a long time to come.


What could be better than seeing the final performance of our favourite all British comedy legends in this iconic venue? Watching them from excellent seats in the fantastic O2 arena thanks to SuperBreak, of course! The experience of seeing Cleese, Jones, Palin, Gilliam, Idle and yes, even Chapman (who is definitely NOT being allowed to rest in peace just yet!) up there on stage promised to be an memorable evening.

As the audience settled into their seats the familiar old style band music long associated with Python more than its creators, played in the background. When the theatre lights dimmed, all surviving members came out to the front of the stage before the first of the sketches started. Sketches is maybe a bit of a misnomer as some of these had larger production values than most West End shows with the ageing Pythons keeping up admirably in most cases.  Old favourites and new sketches blended together seamlessly, (many unprintable in polite company) showing the guys still haven’t lost the ability to create.

When the Spanish inquisition swept onto the stage unexpectedly (of course) turning the entire arena crimson red, the audience were about at their peak and just when you think you can’t take any more, the celebrities started appearing. Mike Myers aka Austin Powers was there, apparently in complete awe of the of  the old guys working with him. Stephen Hawking and Brian Cox did a video piece but were also there in the audience and Eddie Izzard even put in an appearance.

Not all of the evening went smoothly though, with the dead Parrot sketch drawing more laughs from the hilarious impromptu exchange between Palin and Cleese about forgotten lines than from the original content.

As the show drew to a close, people old and young wiped tears from their eyes, not just of laughter but also tinged with a little bit of sadness as we all knew this was it, the end. But ultimately there was a huge feeling of admiration that came through from those standing ovations. To the majority of the audience, Monty Python had been there all of our lives making us laugh and cringe for decades and on this final night they continued to do just that. They also did something that no politician has been able to do for a long time, they made you feel proud of Britain and all the quirkiness that made our country great. A brilliant night performed by some of our finest treasures.

Are you a fan of Monty Python too? Have you ever seen an event at The O2 Arena in London? Let us know by using the comments box below. 

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