You don’t have to be posh to visit St Andrews

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Posted by Sarah

Ok, it’s a bad reference to those Privilege insurance adverts, I know, but St Andrews is fairly posh! And it’s up in Scotland too so, if you live in England, Wales or Northern Ireland, taking a trip there sort of feels like you’re visiting a totally different country. I think St Andrews is a really great place to take a short break. It’s one of the most picturesque towns in Fife and its ancient architecture and attractive beach make it a great spot for a short summer holiday that doesn’t have to cost much at all.

For starters, its broad, lush golf courses make the town look beautifully green, which – even if you don’t play golf – is a charming asset for any town to have. And since it’s such a world renowned golfing location, there’s often the chance that you’ll get to bump into a famous golf playing celebs, like Samuel L Jackson and Hugh Grant, who tend to stay in famous places like The Old Course Hotel.

The University is gorgeous too. Of course, it’s famous for most people because Prince William went there but if you take a walk down The Scores, you’ll get to appreciate its lovely buildings in person. I’d also suggest a wander into St Salvator’s Quad – if the gates are open. This college was originally founded in 1450 and its medieval buildings are really something. Understandably, its chapel is supposed to be a popular place for alumni to get married.

Two other unmissable attractions in St Andrews are the Cathedral and the Castle, both of which are some of Scotland’s most spectacular ruins. It does cost to get inside these but their majestic environs can be fully appreciated from the outside too, and they make stunning pictures on a clear day.

But by far my favourite part of St Andrews is the West Sands, its largest and most famous sandy beach. If, like me, you’re a fan of the 1980s film Chariots of Fire, you’ll want to run down the beach in emulation of the film’s opening scene – and, I’m almost embarrassed to admit, that’s what I do every time I visit. It’s great fun though, especially when the sun’s shining. Expect plenty of kite flyers and loads of dogs to add to the atmosphere!

If you don’t manage to nab one of its cheaper B&B’s, St Andrews can be a little pricey for accommodation. So, if you’re travelling there by car, it might be advisable to stay somewhere a little further away from the town centre – maybe in Leuchars or St Michaels. And if you’re travelling by train, rest assured the route is easy: National Express services go straight to Leuchars from London, through Edinburgh, and St Andrews is a very short bus ride from there.

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