World’s weirdest attractions part 2 – the hunt continues

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In my perennial search for weird and wacky travel activities, I’ve come across this fantastic collection of images on the Telegraph website showcasing the world’s weirdest festivals. It’s really worth a look! The first picture on there is especially crazy. It’s of The Baby Jumping Festival in Castrillo de Murcia, Spain, and I’m terrified that guy is going to fall on those babies!!

Anyway, there are some great British weird festivals in there so you don’t have to travel too far to enjoy a dose of bizarre fun. There’s the Cheese Rolling competition in Gloucestershire that I’ve talked about here before (it took place last weekend so you’ll have to wait another 12 months for it I’m afraid!) as well as the upcoming World Toe Wrestling Championships in Derbyshire, which happen in June.

And there’s another that I’ve never heard of before – the World Bog Snorkelling Championships in Wales! Apparently, participants – many of whom don fancy dress for the messy occasion! – have to snorkel through 60 feet of bog in Llanwrtyd Wells in South Wales and over 100 crazy people compete each year. Now this is really something I’m going to have to see to believe…

When it comes to the festivals in other countries on the other hand, I’m overwhelmed at how many of them have to do with food. On the tamer end of the scale, there’s the Ivrea Orange Festival in Italy, where people who live in the town re-enact a medieval battle using oranges as their only weapons. There’s also La Tomatina, a tomato throwing festival in Valencia – a friend of mine has actually been to this and said it was great, but mushy, fun.

But here’s the one that I think really clinches it in the weirdness stakes: the Monkey Buffet Festival in Thailand. No joke! Apparently, over 600 monkeys are fed around two tonnes of sausages, fruit, ice cream and various other goodies. It’s a really big tourist attraction as well, with thousands of people visiting the town of Lopburi to see the monkeys devour their feast.

In any case, the one that tickles my funny bone the most is The Testicle Festival, which takes place in late July in Montana, USA. In this strictly adults-only event, 6500 people attempt to eat bull’s testicles! There’s supposedly a lot of public nudity too. A friend of mine will be in the States around this time this summer… I wonder if I can get her to visit and take pictures 🙂

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