When your kids leave for Uni… Interview with SuperBreak’s Carol

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With her third (and final) child all packed off for University this year, our Carol is a bit of an expert when it comes to waving off her offspring. In this interview, we sat down with her to get a sense of how life changes once your kids leave for Uni, and talk emotions, peace and quiet, and having the freedom to travel the country

It’s all too easy to worry about your kids when they leave for Uni. Carol’s story is a familiar one – she felt anxious and worried about her children living so far away and whether they’d settle into their new life. And – let’s face it – it’s a time in their life that’s likely to change your life too! But while you sit and worry we guarantee the vast majority of new Uni students are having the time of their life…

Our recent blog on What to Expect When You Pack Your Kids Off For Uni explored the range of emotions you’re likely to feel when the kids have all flown the nest. SuperBreak’s Carol is the first to admit that hers is a bit of a mad house when the kids are home, but it all gets very quiet once they head back to Uni. A bit of peace and quiet is not unwelcome, but it’s also a golden opportunity…

It’s the perfect excuse to get away more. This year Carol’s been to London (a few times!), the Peak District, The Lake District… we definitely think she has the right idea! With a little more free time on your hands and a little more disposable income available, it’s the perfect chance for you to have some fun too. Our must-read guide on Freshers Week for Grown Ups has tonnes of great ideas on how you can make the most of life while your kids are away.

Off on your own trip now the kids have gone? Tell us about it in the comments section below!

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