When Christmas holidays become the new tradition

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I know Christmas is a really far way away, but my parents dropped the bombshell on me the other day that they’re thinking about going away over the holidays this year – leaving me wondering where I’m going to get my turkey from!

For the last couple of years, my boyfriend and I have gone to each other’s parents in turn. When my parents copped out of this year, we got in touch with his parents, who we stayed with up in Edinburgh last year. Unfortunately, my dreams of seeing the bright Christmas Market in Princes Street Gardens were quickly diffused when we learned that they’re going away as well!

All right, so it’s not that bad – I mean, I know I won’t be sniffing over a plate of beans on toast this year, but it was quite disappointing to hear that both my boyfriend’s parents and mine were going away at that time of year. Then I got to thinking – yes, tradition is great, but so is going away on holiday, and what better time to capture a new city in a magical setting than at Christmas? Right, I said to my boyfriend, if they can do it, so can we. And now we’re completely caught up in the excitement of planning our Christmas getaway!

The only problem is, it turns out there’s so many places I’d like to see at that time of year I know it’s going to be a tough decision. I’ve been thinking about somewhere radically different like Australia but I’m not sure how I’d cope with Christmas dinner in the sun! Over there, Christmas is a little different – a few of my friends were there last Christmas and I got emails telling me about seafood and salad instead of turkey and potatoes.

Another spot I’ve been considering is the incredible New York City – though unless I’m planning on combining that with my next trip to San Francisco we may be looking for something a little closer to home. I’d love to stand in Times Square amidst all the snow and carol-singing, though, before heading somewhere cosy for a nice meal and a few drinks.

I’ve heard amazing things about Germany at Christmas time, though – and that’d give me a chance to return to Berlin after I had such a great time there at Easter. Maybe it’s a little too soon to return though, seeing as there are still so many other places on my wish list of destinations.

I suppose we’ll just have to keep doing our research and looking for somewhere different to spend Christmas. At least I know that, no matter where we go, it’s going to be an amazing trip – after all, there will definitely be presents involved!

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