Welcome Back Blackpool Tower

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Blackpool Tower reopened on the 1st September after a massive 10 month restoration plan which hopes to encourage more visitors to the tower.  The £20m investment has seen the observation platform become the Blackpool Tower Eye, the Blackpool Dungeons and a 4D Cinema complete with vibrating floor! So if you are planning a visit to one of the many Blackpool Hotels you can rest assured knowing that there is plenty for the whole family to enjoy on your short break.

The Blackpool Tower Dungeons is ideal for people wanting to see a spookier side to the usual bright and cheery Blackpool.  You can delve into 1000 years of history and discover Blackpools blood-curling secrets! Or if you are looking to see some amazing sights then check out the Blackpool Tower Eye, before heading to the top of the tower you will experience a 4D cinema experience, bringing all things that make this incredible sea side town to life.

So if you are heading to see the illuminations or just passing through for a few days make sure you check out the revamped tower, I am sure you won’t be disappointed.

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  1. I have only briefly been thourgh Blackpool. Are the world famous’ Louis Someone’s wax works still there? O must get there for a weekend, it’s been years since l wire a kiss me quick hat!

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