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As a fully fledged smart phone convert (and a Digital Content Exec here at Superbreak) I can safely say I am well and truly submerged in the digital world. Recent years have seen a boom in smart phone apps geared up towards making your travel experience run smoothly, and I have discovered first hand how handy these smart little apps can be. With millions of apps out there in cyberspace, it’s tricky to separate the useless from the useful, so I’ve decided to share with you my favourite 6 FREE travel apps on the market to make your travels that little bit easier!


Hot off the press - my top 6 travel apps!
Hot off the press – my top 6 travel apps!

1.      Underground Map

This snazzy little app has saved me from getting lost on the London underground countless times, not to mention my street cred! Navigating your way around the rabbit warren that is the underground can be confusing if you’re not a local. This app displays the full map of the underground complete with zoom, an A to B journey planner and provides live updates of any line closures. Perfect if you’re planning a London break or simply catching the tube to a London airport.


2.      Around Me

I always think the beauty of travel is arriving in a destination you’ve never been before with so much to discover. The challenge is finding out where everything is, and stumbling across things you didn’t expect to be there. But what if you need to find something specific, and fast? Whether you need an emergency chemist, the nearest petrol station or have a huge craving for a cheese burger, this app picks up the closest amenities based on your GPS signal. So you don’t even have to know where you are to find out what’s around. Genius!

London is the perfect place to use all of my favourite travel apps
London is the perfect place to use all of my favourite travel apps


3. XE Currency Converter

If you’re anything like me when you go abroad, you’ll be forever converting prices back to sterling in your head to make sure you’re getting a good deal. As maths was never my strong point, it can get a bit exhausting juggling numbers I’m away on my travels. The XE Currency converter app is completely free and accurately converts one currency to another at the push (or tap) of a button. The app has been downloaded five million times to date, so it’s not just me who is avoiding the maths!

 4. Hailo

We all know that hailing a cab is an art, especially in our great city of London. Instead of running around the streets, flailing your arms around and hoping for the best, download yourself the Hailo app. Simply tap the ‘pick me up’ button and the nearest available Hailo cab in your area will start winging its way to you. This clever concept uses your phone’s GPS to track your exact whereabouts. If that’s not a cabbie conversation starter, I don’t know what is!

Get ahead of the crowd with my top 6 Travel apps!

 5. National Express

Have you ever been at Kings Cross Station and waited in front of the big screen for your train’s platform number then sprinted against other travellers to get to your platform? If the answer is yes, you’re going to love the National Express app. Not many people know this, but the app actually reveals your platform number long before it is announced on the big screens. Meaning you can already be sat comfortably in your window seat, Starbucks in hand, before the others even know the platform (speaking from experience, it’s a pretty satisfying feeling). It also features live train updates, timetables and a journey planner if you need to know any of the sensible stuff.


6. Apple’s Passbook


Exclusive to Apple, the Passbook allows you to travel paperless and can hold all your travel documents (minus your passport of course – now that really would be impressive). This ‘electronic wallet’ manages everything from the hotel and flight reservations to loyalty and gift cards. Unique smart codes are generated through the app and can be scanned instead of a ticket as you travel through the airport. Much more chic than rummaging around for your old travel wallet don’t you think?

Whatever will they think of next!

I can’t wait to see what the next big thing is in the world of Travel apps!

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