Valentine’s Day Ideas, Whatever your Relationship Status!

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With Christmas and New Year a distant memory, and January dragging on (as always), we can’t resist thinking about the next big thing… Whether you’re single, coupled up, or long-married, you can’t escape Valentine’s Day! Here are our top tips* for making the most of it…

*Warning: may contain cheesy images


Spending it… with a partner of 1 year

At the very height of your lovey-dovey-ness, Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to treat yourselves to something nice. Do anything too fantastic though, and you’ll set the bar far too high for the years to come! An intimate dinner is probably your best bet – let someone else do the cooking and just enjoy the evening. Or, better still, enjoy dinner together on a romantic weekend away – our Dinner Deals make for perfect ready-made breaks… Bon appetit!


Spending it… with a partner of 2 years

An established couple, it’s time to start making memories to last a lifetime! Valentine’s Day is a great excuse for a romantic break – trips to London, Edinburgh or the Lake District are all popular choices at this time of year. Still, if by now you’ve done all that, maybe it’s the time to start venturing abroad! With cheap flights and hotel deals aplenty around at this time of year, consider a European city break together…


Spending it… with a partner of 5+ years

So, you’ve reached the ‘comfortable’ years… don’t let that fool you. Having a great Valentine’s Weekend is still crucial; as the date nights become less frequent and other commitments begin to take over, don’t let romance be saved for anniversaries alone! Shake things up with an experience of a lifetime – whether it’s watching the Northern Lights in Reykjavik, letting loose in Dublin, or a Gondola ride in Venice, now’s the time to really do Valentine’s properly!


Spending it… with friends

Grabbing all your single friends, hitting the wine bars and swapping bad dating stories until you’re blue in the face is certainly one way to spend this Valentine’s Day. But how about getting the girls together and actually enjoy being single? Treat yourselves with a relaxing Spa Break, a shopping spree, or just a girly night at the cinema.

Valentine’s day spent with a bunch of single blokes might not sound much fun, but what if the day was spent Paintballing or Quad Biking? There are so many places around the UK that offer extreme sports, so why not get away from all the couples and packed restaurants and enjoy the great outdoors? And who knows? You might just meet the girl of your dreams there!


Spending it… alone

This, I think, is my special area of expertise. The trick is to deny all knowledge that Valentine’s Day is even a thing. It’s just the day after February 13th and the day before February 15th. Just avoid all restaurants to keep up the illusion. And cinemas. And social media. If all else fails, simply stick your fingers in your ears and ride out the storm in a darkened room.09


Spending it… with your pets

They do say a dog is man’s best friend so why not treat yourselves to a dog-friendly break this Valentine’s Day. The Low Wood Bay hotel in Windermere prides itself on welcoming its canine guests just as warmly as everyone else. With special dog-friendly rooms, a cosy bar area with a roaring fire and acres of countryside for walks right on the doorstep, this hotel is the perfect place for you and your four-legged friend to get away from it all this February.

What have you got planned for this Valentines Day? Have a look at our Valentine’s breaks packages and treat you and your partner to something special.

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