Valentine’s Day Quiz: Where Will You Find Romance?

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Love it or loathe it, Valentine’s Day is just round the corner and for the majority of us that means the search for the ultimate romantic break away begins now. Take the test below and find out which romantic hotspot is your perfect Valentine’s Break Destination…


1. The perfect first date would be…

a. An adrenaline-fuelled adventure
b. A relaxed stroll along the beach
c. A cultured night out at the theatre
d. Romantic candlelit dinner for two


2. This Valentine’s Day, which gift would you most like to receive?

a. A star named after you
b. A bespoke piece of jewellery
c. A handwritten personalised poem
d. Champagne and yummy chocolates


3. Your ideal bouquet of flowers would be…

a. Carefully arranged handpicked wild flowers
b. A bunch of pretty Primroses
c. A single red rose
d. 12 dozen red roses


4. Which figure/symbol of love are you most drawn to?

a. A pair of white Doves
b. The Greek Goddess of Love, Aphrodite
c. Cupid and his bow and arrow
d. A classic love heart


5. What does a romantic hotel look like to you?

a. Four-star spa retreat overlooking a beautiful lake
b. Cute guesthouse in a tranquil coastal resort
c. Quirky boutique hotel surrounded by cultural sights
d. Fancy penthouse suite in a luxury city hotel


6. What does your perfect Valentine’s meal for two look like?

a. Hearty winter dish finished off with delicious lemon short bread
b. Seafood platter for two, with mouth-watering sorbet for dessert
c. Gastro-pub meal and the chocolatiest chocolate pud for afters
d. A Michelin star dining experience complimented by a glass of champagne


7. What type of romantic are you?

a. The spontaneous one
b. The alternative one
c. The passionate one
d. The traditional one


8. Your collection of favourite romantic books/poems is most likely to include…

a. Classic works by Robert Burns
b. Forget romance, a spooky horror is more your cup of tea
c. William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet
d. Chick-lit favourite, Bridget Jones’s Diary


9. You look for destinations that are…

a. In the middle of the great outdoors
b. Slightly unusual, but incredibly fascinating
c. Immersed with history and culture
d. Oozing cosmopolitan vibes


To Find Out Which Destination Is The Ideal Place For Your Valentine’s Break in UK This Year, Simply Work Out If You Answered Mostly A, B, C Or D.


A. Mostly A’s: The Scottish Highlands

You love the great outdoors, and adventure even more, so where better to go on a romantic break for two than the beautiful Scottish Highlands. Surrounded by stunning landscapes, picturesque views and awe-inspiring glens, you’ll have the perfect backdrop for the ultimate Valentine’s escape. From hiking to the top of a mountain to pony trekking through an enchanting forest – the Scottish Highlands is the epitome of a wildly romantic destination for you.


B. Mostly B’s: Whitby

The beautiful sea views and glorious coastlines of Whitby make up your ideal Valentine’s destination. Throw in some fascinating heritage mixed with a bit of mystery, and you’re one happy loved-up bunny. When you’re not busy strolling along the beach hand in hand, or indulging in the freshest oysters around, you’ll find yourself at the Whitby Jet Heritage Centre being treated to the ultimate romantic gift. Finishing your trip off with a spooky Dracula tour, you’ll have the perfect excuse to snuggle up close to your Valentine.


C. Mostly C’s: Stratford-upon-Avon

As a hopeless romantic, you’re drawn to myths, legends and tales of Romeo and Juliet, placing Stratford-upon-Avon at the top of your list for a Valentine’s break. You love culturally rich destinations with plenty of history to match, as well as classy and idyllic abodes! See a classic production from The Royal Shakespeare Company or enjoy a tranquil boat ride down the River Avon for a truly sublime romantic break in Stratford-upon-Avon this Valentine’s.


D. Mostly D’s: London

London’s exciting cosmopolitan feel and endless hidden gems play host to your dream of a luxurious weekend away this Valentine’s. With a superb choice of fancy restaurants, extravagant hotels and an infinite amount of magnificent sights to discover, the capital is the only choice for you when it comes to a romantic short break. A ride on the London Eye with Champagne or a walk through Richmond Park will leave you feeling utterly besotted with London and each other!

London on Valentine's Day

Fancy getting away on a Valentine’s break? Have a look at our selection of romantic breaks and Valentine’s hotel deals.

Which Valentine’s Break Destination did you get? The Scottish Highlands, Whitby, Stratford-upon-Avon or London? Let us know using the comments box below…

One response to “Valentine’s Day Quiz: Where Will You Find Romance?

  1. Hayley

    Look like i’m split between two – i had an equal amount of A’s and C’s! I’ve never been to either Scotland or Stratford-upon-Avon, but looks like i should 🙂 now, just need to find a Valentine to take me?

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