Two days til Halloween – and the end of our dream break competition

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It’s just two days until the spookiest night of the year – and, even scarier, the closing of our Build Your Dream Break competition. While Halloween offers the chance for tricks as well as treats, our competition is decidedly just about the treats – and there’s still time to enter, so hurry and submit your entry to be in with a chance to win your dream break come true, courtesy of Superbreak!

Whenever Halloween comes around, I always get a little sad. Nostalgia strikes for when I was little, going from door to door with my friends, receiving loads of sweets and those always unwanted apples from neighbours. On one trick or treating trip we even found toothbrushes thrown into our pillow case buy some well-meaning adult, but now I can see why someone might think that was a good idea. At the time, we’d never felt more ripped off!

But childish longings aside,York is always a great place to be at Halloween. The city centre is already perfect for setting the mood, what with the shadow of York Minster with its gothic architecture looming over the streets, which wind and weave throughout one another to create a real maze for visitors who don’t know their way around.

I always imagine that some cities must be better suited to things like Halloween than others. York is one that definitely makes sense because its layout and architecture lends the city so well to suggestions of the macabre – perhaps that’s why we have so many ghost tours! Durham, similarly, has the same style of winding streets and closes – much like Edinburgh, which possesses a whole street (the Royal Mile, of course!) that spawns narrow alleyways and creepy passages, perfect for exploring on All Hallows Eve.

Edinburgh is also home to the Samhain ritual, which will be taking place on the Royal Mile and sounds amazing. Hundreds of performing artists come together to stage the battle between summer and winter in celebration of the harvest, which sounds like an exciting way to spend the last night of the month.

i still haven’t decided what I’ll do on the big night itself though, what are you doing this Halloween?

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