Toronto lightens up this December

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It sometimes seems that cities across the world are competing to put on the most extravagant New Year celebrations every time the end of the year comes around, but some can definitely be said to go to further extremes than others. For a dazzling New Year break this December, I think a lot of holidaymakers might want to take a look across the pond to Toronto’s Cavalcade of Lights.

The 43rd annual Cavalcade is illuminating neighbourhoods and tourist attractions across Toronto, accompanied by fireworks displays and public concerts. The festivities started in Nathan Philips Square on Saturday, and saw the lighting of the city’s official Christmas tree, a Fair Trade market and even a skating party on the city’s famous ice rink. All this, and with the new year still over a month away!

That’s the good news for anyone who fancies making the trip to Canada but has already made arrangements to see the New Year in at home. Every weekend is New Year in Toronto – or at least, every Saturday offers the same fantastic range of events. Dedicated DJs will set the theme for each night of fireworks, dancing and skating on December 5, 12 and 19, before things go out with a bang on December 31.

Canada’s a pretty far way to travel, especially in this weather! However, I’m happy enough that I won’t be missing out – after all, the UK puts on some pretty great parties too! There’s always going to be plenty to get up to during new year celebrations in the UK, from quiet town and village celebrations (well, probably not that quite) to Edinburgh, where the three-day Hogmanay party enthrals both local and international attendees alike with a packed schedule of concerts, fireworks displays and street performances.

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