Topsy-turvy house turns German zoo upside down

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Visitors to a small town in the north of Germany can prepare to have their world turned upside down when visiting a new attraction opening at Gettorf Zoo at the end of this month.

You’d probably think that with all the weird and wonderful tourist attractions I’ve come across since writing this blog, it would be hard to shock me by now – but I have to admit that when I first saw the pictures of the upside-down house I was gobsmacked!

Upside down house

Source: Mail Online

The best thing about this topsy-turvy building, which according to the Mail Online is reinforced with steel girders to keep it supported on a pointed roof, is that the inside is just as bizarre as the outside. This means visitors will be able to walk between rooms (and up/downstairs) as if they’re walking on the ceiling, in rooms that include every painstaking detail from fruit bowls to washing up.

It must be a really disorienting experience, I remember when I was a child I’d often lie upside down on the couch and imagine I was walking on the ceiling, stepping over the tops of the doorways to walk between rooms, so this would be a great chance to see if the reality lives up to the dream!

Looking at the pictures of people walking around inside, it’s hard for my brain to accept that this isn’t trick photography, but the real result of months of hard work by local carpenters Gerhard Mordhorst, Gesellse Splettstöβer and Manfred Kolax, following a plan by Hamburg investor Dirk Oster to add something unique to the zoo for new and returning visitors.

The 23-foot-tall ‘crazy’ house opens to the public on 30 March, and is sure to be a big attraction for the zoo. I just hope nobody tries out the toilet 😛

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