Top 5 UK Roller Coasters

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Posted by Kirstie

Top 5 UK Rollercoasters

From Alton Towers to Thorpe Park, many of the Theme Parks across the UK are re-opening over the next few weeks. With Easter only a few weeks away, now is a great time to get planning an Attraction Break for you and your friends or family, so to provide you with some inspiration here’s my choice of my Top 5 favourite roller coasters!

1. Rita at Alton Towers

Launched in 2005 and given a spooky makeover in 2010, Rita, formerly known as The Queen of Speed, is one of the fastest rides at Alton Towers theme park in Staffordshire. I queued for over an hour to have a go on this ride during the first year that it opened but it was completely worth it. After a long and exciting wait I was lucky enough to get seats at the very front, and when the ride started it honestly felt like being shot out of a gun! When you give this ride a go make sure you hold onto your eyeballs as you’re catapulted from 0-100km/ph in 2.5 seconds!

 2. The Big One sponsored by Pepsi Max at Blackpool Pleasure Beach

The Big One sponsored by Pepsi Max is Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s scariest ride and holds the crown as the UK’s tallest and fastest roller coaster! Feel the adrenaline rush as you climb to a nail biting height of 235ft and enjoy the views over Blackpool bay before taking a terrifying drop towards the sea! I sat next to my Dad the first time I went on this ride, and as a man of few words it was hilarious to hear the ear-piercing shrieks that came out of his mouth! This is definitely not one to be missed for anyone paying Blackpool Pleasure Beach a visit.

3. Stormforce 10 at Drayton Manor

 Any theme park trip in the summer is not complete without a ride that leaves you drenched. The worst culprit and the most thrilling I’ve experienced is Stormforce 10 at Drayton Manor theme park near Tamworth. The ride is the UK’s first reverse chute water coaster with a 180 degree platform that sends boats backwards down a 9m drop! I got well and truly soaked when I went on this a few years back so I’d recommend planning this as your last ride of the day if you don’t want to spend the rest of your theme park trip walking around in soggy pants.

 4. Colossus at Thorpe Park

Opened in 2002, Colossus is one of the biggest rides at Thorpe Park theme park in Surrey, and offers thrill seekers an adrenaline fuelled ride through a record breaking ten vertical loops as you hurtle towards the UK’s only quadruple corkscrew! With mind blowing twists and turns this ride is a real stomach-lurcher, so I’d save your packed lunch for afterwards!

5. Vampire at Chessington World of Adventures

One of the first ever roller coaster rides that I went on was Vampire at Chessington World of Adventures in South West London. Set in the Transylvania zone of the park, the ride has one of the lowest height restrictions for roller coasters in Europe. At only 1.1m Vampire is the perfect ride for youngsters to try their first roller coaster experience so they don’t miss out during your family break.


Will you be visiting any theme parks this summer? What are your favourite roller coaster rides?


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