5 signs a rail break is for you

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You may not realise it, but rail travel in the UK is PERFECT for a short break! With our new rail and hotel packages launching this month, it seemed appropriate to highlight some of the reasons why a rail break is for you…

1. You love a staycation

You appreciate the beauty of our homeland and take every opportunity to discover a brand new British destination. From history and heritage in York and Bath to culture and sightseeing in London and Edinburgh, you love it all! What better way to see all these amazing UK destinations than with a rail break of course!bath

2. Ditching the car is always a pleasure

Cars have their uses, but when it comes to getting away from it all, you’re more than happy to leave the wheels behind. The benefits? No traffic jams, no getting lost and no breakdowns – sounds like a dream to us!

Opting for rail will not only help your avoid all this, but more often than not, you can save yourself a fortune by booking ahead with our hotel and rail packages. Now, you can’t do that with a car can you?


3. Convenience is top of your priority

Sitting back and relaxing while you’re transported to a brand new location sounds pretty heavenly to you. No one wants to start a break stressed and that’s why a rail break is just your cup of tea – I mean, you can literally enjoy a cup of tea while watching the world go by.

It’s never too much trouble to get to a train station and with 100s of destinations to choose from, short breaks by rail have convenience written all over them.


4. Your ideal break is a fuss free break

When planning a short break, the thought of flying sometimes seems like a bit of a hassle. You could easily end up spending too much time travelling and not enough time exploring the destination you’ve waited so long to see! That coupled with remembering various documents, insurance and passports, as well as enduring check-ins, security checks and jet lag means the whole break can become a little fussier than you’d like it to be.

Ditching the fuss is simpler than you think. With a rail break you just need your train ticket. That’s it, travel done. Time to enjoy your well-deserved mini getaway!


5. You like choices…

Planning a break can be as much fun as actually going on the break for you, and this means having lots of choices on where to go is essential. Researching and deciding which destination you’re going to visit next is an exciting prospect, so it’s important to have a wide selection. Picking a rail break will open doors to so many places meaning you can travel pretty much anywhere in the UK. Hurray!

trainIf all these sound far too familiar, then we think it’s time you meet our brand new hotel and rail packages…

Here at SuperBreak, we recently changed our rail break service and without being too biased, we think you’re going to love it!

With more than 400 destinations to choose from, and the option to book as many days as you like, our rail breaks just got very exciting! We can even reserve your seats for free and save you 50% or more on return rail journeys – who doesn’t like priority seats and extra pennies?!

You can now also choose train times to suit you, opt for flexible travel journeys with fewer restrictions, as well as being able to book more than 90 days in advance. And if you like to travel alone, don’t worry we’ve got that covered too.

Our brand new rail and hotel packages are designed to offer you more choice and flexibility for the same great value prices you rely on us for!


Summer Rail Offers

There’s no better time than during the summer to venture off on a little break, so why not take a look at some of the fantastic prices we have on offer for rail breaks in August & September.

Leeds to London, 20th September staying at the Travelodge London Greenwich, from £87.25pp

Liverpool to Glasgow, 13th August staying at the Swallow Hotel Glasgow, from £79.75pp

Nottingham to Sheffield, 6th September staying at the Novotel Sheffield, from £39.15pp


So, SuperBreakers… when and where is your next rail break going to be?

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