Top 5 European Destinations for Winter Sun

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As soon as Christmas is done and dusted, we’re all jumping onto the internet or stocking up on travel agent brochures counting down the days until we can escape abroad again. January 12th is apparently one of the most popular days of the year to book a holiday, but why wait until summer? Plenty of places throughout Europe offer hours of warm, sunny skies even in the winter! Here’s our pick of the best 5 European places to visit during winter for a little top up of vitamin D.

The stunning shores of Cyprus
The stunning shores of Cyprus

1. Cyprus

The warmest of the Mediterranean islands, Cyprus is the perfect European escape in the winter. If you fancy relaxing in mid-60F temperatures on long, dry, sunny days then you won’t find many better places so close to home. Make sure you stick to the more attractive side of the island in the north and west of Paphos. It’ll make for some very beautiful sunsets!

Malta offers culture and history in abundance, as well as sunny skies

2. Malta

For a mix of both sun and culture, Valetta in Malta is the ideal choice. Filled with a rich history and abundance of archaeological remnants, the city is perfect for wandering the streets and ruins while basking in some winter sun. Temperatures tend to stay around 20C during February and March, so there’s really no reason not to visit.

Tenerife’s beaches draw in the crowds all year round

3. Tenerife

One of the most popular holiday destinations for Brits abroad in summer is also great when the weather’s damp and dreary back home. The weather stays pretty good throughout the year, peaking at 68-70F in February and March and warming up steadily after that. For the best temperatures head to the south of the island. It’s also the more vibrant during the off-season, too.

Picturesque Sardinia is a glamorous retreat in the heart of The Med

4. Sardinia

One of the most affordably luxurious locations in Europe, it’s hard not to visit Sardinia all year round. Sophisticated and glamorous with pristine beaches and azure blue seas, it’s only a 2 hour flight from us here in the UK… so what are you waiting for? In February and March the temperature settles around 20C offering more than enough warmth to enjoy a day on the beach. It does cool down in the evenings though so make sure you pack accordingly.

Malaga’s cosmopolitan lifestyle makes it even more appealing in the winter

5. Malaga

With an average temperature of 17C during winter, a trip to the Spanish mainland is not to be sniffed at. Although all day warmth isn’t guaranteed, you’ll still be in for enough sunshine to keep you happy, and as the Costa del Sol is sheltered by the Sierra Nevada Mountains, there’s little breeze to ruin your peak sunbathing hours. Plus, Malaga is an exciting city to visit at any time of the year!

Thankfully there’s always the opportunity for a little breakaway from the rain here in Europe, and with such a diverse collection of cultures, history and entertainment we really are spoilt for choice. If you have any top recommendations for seeking the sun in winter then let us know in the comments below!

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