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I stumbled across an article about how a new list of the top 10 weirdest tourist attractions has been published by editors at travel review website

Now, I’m a big fan of weird and wonderful tourist spots just because they always make way for such a great range of new experiences whilst you’re on holiday – but I have to admit that even some of the places on this list are a little too weird even for me.

Coming in first place was the Sulabh International Museum of Toilets in Delhi. That’s right, a museum of toilets. I suppose if you ever run out of things to do in diverse and exotic India then it might be worth a visit. Maybe I’ll drop by if I ever go back and I’ll let you know how it goes.

Something that did tickle my fancy a little was the Peabody Duck March in Tennessee, USA. Twice a day, five ducks are led by a human “duckmaster” from the fountain in a hotel to the elevator and back. Apparently this started out as a joke but is now something that takes place at all of the Peabody hotels. I can’t say that’d be the one thing that’d draw me to the USA, however!

For a creepier experience, there’s the Canadian attraction of Joe’s Scarecrow Village, which sounds pretty much like my worst nightmare come to life – though some of the scarecrows being created to look like Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher and Elizabeth II does sound quite entertaining.

In New Zealand, you can visit the transparently-named Puzzling World, which is a themed attraction filled with illusions, mazes and various baffling treats that will see visitors spending the entire day in the park – and maybe not because they want to.

As much as I love the wacky and weird, I think this list is a little beyond me, although some of the destinations definitely piqued my interest. I’ll probably give the Haines Shoe House, essentially a house built in the shame of a shoe, in Pennsylvania a miss though.

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