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December is approaching at a faster rate of knots than ever before, and you know what that means – Christmas shopping. Now, when it comes to seeking out gifts for the ones I love, I’m in the majority: I want it over with as quickly as possible. However, I was chatting to a colleague about her shopping plans and she revealed to me that she was planning on taking a Christmas shop n’ spa break in London.

The idea is that you head off on your Christmas shopping and top off the day’s work by indulging in spa treatments and staying in a luxurious hotel. That way, the stresses of Christmas shopping disappear and the whole experience turns into a bit of a holiday. Now that’s the sort of Christmas build-up I can get behind.

Usually, I’m not the type of person that likes to go to the spa very often, but I’m sure that’d change if I started. Then again, my bank account probably wouldn’t approve too much of me getting used to being pampered – though a once in a while treat must be okay. So I’ve been thinking about recreating the London shop n’ spa here in York, or somewhere nearby and gorgeous like Durham, which is a stunning city with many excellent shopping and sightseeing opportunities!

It also made me think about spa breaks in general and how they’re some people’s idea of the perfect break away – the entries to our Build Your Dream Break competition proved this. I got to thinking that giving a trip to a spa as a gift might be a welcome present for your family or loved one this Christmas – combined with our Superbreak gift vouchers, you could even give your recipient the choice!

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