Timeless Revolution | Inside the Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty Exhibition

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On the 28th May 2015, my extended family and I ventured to London to see the Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty exhibition at the Victoria & Albert Museum. The day started with a relaxing train journey in a First Class seat, where I worked my way through several cups of tea, a yummy Full English breakfast and as many pastries as they offered (I’m a sucker for a croissant). After a quick visit to see a newly-born relative in the city, we headed to Covent Garden for a spot of lunch at Maxwell’s Bar & Grill. We all had a fantastic meal and the food and service was second to none.

As we made our way to the V&A we were lucky enough to spot the queues of people waiting to be let in to The Queen’s Garden Party. As a family of avid people-watchers, we had a great time admiring all of the wonderful dresses and suits that the crowds were wearing!

We arrived at the V&A just in time to be admitted into our allotted exhibition slot, and we were delighted to be given complimentary programmes of the exhibition as a memento. The first room we went into had a floor-to-ceiling screen depicting McQueen in several interviews throughout the years. It was a brave move for the exhibition and one that paid off, as many of the crowds stopped in their tracks as McQueen’s mesmerising voice filled the room.

In the words of McQueen, ‘Fashion is a big bubble, and sometimes I feel like popping it’, and that was certainly evident throughout his whole career as a designer. From taxidermy alligator heads stitched onto tailored blazers to armadillo skin shoes, McQueen’s dark and revolutionary collections frequently explore the uncanny and the animalistic side of fashion.


The highlight of the exhibition for me was walking into a room filled with screens, music and clothing ranges, in which everyone sat in the middle and admired the beauty surrounding them. There was so much to spot, including the famous red lace dress that Lady Gaga wore to the MTV awards and a rather unusual birds nest hat. The room was a great place to chat to fellow admirers of McQueen’s work and marvel at the dramatic impact that he made on the world’s design industry.

We ended our day in London with a wander around the V&A gift shop (a must!) for some cultural gifts before heading to Kings Cross for a browse around the variety of shops they have there. I would recommend the Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty exhibition to anyone who has an interest in fashion, historical design and the arts as a whole. It’s an experience that will stay with you long after your day out and the remarkable selection of designs on show will leave you in awe.

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