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Hull may not be your first thought when planning where to go on a short break, but with the Humberside city having recently been named one of the top 10 tourist destinations for the year ahead, maybe it should be on your list. Hull beat top tourist spots such as London, Edinburgh and Paris to be hailed one of the must-see destinations in the Rough Guides Top 10 Cities list.

As fellow Yorkshire folk we’ve definitely got a soft spot for Hull and we’re glad to see it getting the credit it deserves; here are the top seven reasons we love Hull.

It’s like being in San Francisco, without the 11 hour flight

hummber bridge edit copy

The Humber Bridge truly is a beautiful sight, and its likeness to San Fran’s iconic Golden Gate Bridge is astounding. The bridge is an impressive 2200m long, which makes it the longest single-span suspension bridge in the UK, the second longest in Europe and the fifth longest in the whole world. Oh, and it looks beautiful in the sunset!

You can find Nemo

the deep edit
Ok, not the real Nemo – but Hull is home to the world’s only submarium, where you can find thousands of sea creatures, including green sawfish, seven species of shark and even a colony of penguins. If you enjoy dinners with a view on a short break, Hull certainly has something special to offer at The Deep’s spectacular Two Rivers Restaurant, where you can enjoy your dinner set among the striking aquatic displays.

It’s the home of Yorkshire puddings

yorkshires edit
The world’s largest Yorkshire pudding factory can be found in Hull. Hull’s Aunt Bessie’s factory produces five hundred million Yorkshire puddings every year – if that’s not something to be thankful for, we don’t know what is.

There is a statue of the man who introduced us to Gin

king bilyl
The affectionately known, King Billy’s statue, can be found in Market Place. The striking golden monument was built in 1734 in honour of King William III – the man we can all thank for introducing England to gin, which he brought over from his homeland of Holland. King William III is also credited by many as playing a major role in the first steps towards the parliamentary rule we have today, after ousting his opponent to become King, in what was known as the ‘Glorious Revolution.’

You can visit a museum all about the history of clubbing

dacning edit 1
Hull has several museums to keep you entertained during a weekend break, but none quite as obscure as The Museum of Club Culture. Relive your clubbing days (and no doubt some questionable fashion choices) at the world’s first and only museum of club culture. The museum hosts multi-media exhibitions celebrating club culture of past and present, and delivers an interesting exploration into how club culture and street styles has shaped and reflected modern life, society and identity throughout the years.

Hull doesn’t follow the crowd

whiote phone box edit
London is known for its signature red telephone boxes, but Hull’s white telephone boxes are equally as iconic. The reason for Hull’s unique phone boxes is because the city’s telecoms have never been run by BT. In fact, Hull is the only city in the UK who have their own telephone network – KC (previously Kingston Communications).

It’s only a ferry ride away from Bruges and Amsterdam

po edit

Hull is known for its historical docks, which have been open since the 1800s, making Hull one of the easiest destinations from which to get to mainland Europe from the UK. So, once you’ve seen and done everything Hull has to offer, why not extend your short break to include Bruges or Amsterdam by popping on a mini cruise from Hull. With themed cruises from Abba to Bruno Mars to darts, you’re sure to find something to float your boat.

What do you think, is Hull one of your top 10 cities? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, and have a look at our Hull packages if you want to check the hype out for yourself.

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