This Week We’re Talking About…World Smile Day

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Today is World Smile Day, and here at SuperBreak HQ we’re talking about the destinations that make us smile.

SuperBreak’s Amy in Seville


Seville makes me smile because of the sunshine, tasty tapas and beautiful architecture!

SuperBreak’s Danny in St. Ives


I’ve been going to St. Ives since I was little and it holds many special memories for me. Our whole family rent out a cottage in the sea front for a week, and it’s lovely to see everyone together now that we’ve all moved away from the family nest.

SuperBreak’s Sarah in Wanaka


Wanaka in New Zealand makes me smile because it’s such a beautiful place with picturesque mountains and reminds me of all the new experiences we had there. It’s the furthest I’ve ever travelled, but was really worth it for views like that.

SuperBreak’s Millie in Amsterdam


Amsterdam is the place that makes me smile as it’s awash with culture, interesting food and unique shops.

SuperBreak’s Becca in Disneyland Paris


Disneyland Paris makes me smile because it’s the perfect place to escape everyday life and relive childhood, in what is unarguably one of the happiest places in the world.

SuperBreak’s Catriona in the Lake District

The Lake District makes me smile as it’s such an idyllic and beautiful setting, and it’s right here in the UK. The Lake District was one of the first ever short breaks I went on with my boyfriend so it holds special memories for me too.

Which destination puts a smile on your face? Let us know in the comments below.

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