Top 5 Bonfire Displays in Yorkshire

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Bonfire night is almost here and the kaleidoscopic firework displays and crackling bonfires will soon be filling the air with vibrant colours and a smoky autumnal scent, but where are the best places in Yorkshire to go to see the best bonfire displays this year?

Here are SuperBreak’s Top 5 Bonfire Displays in Yorkshire to make sure that you remember, remember the fifth of November in 2016.


1) York, North Yorkshire

For Yorkshire folk bonfire night not only means fireworks, it means it’s time for a spot of pie, peas and parkin. With its Gothic history and plethora of attractions, York is a great place to spend the day before heading to a bonfire display in the evening – not to mention the historical fact that Guy Fawkes came from York. There are many bonfire displays in and around the York area but our favourite is Dunnington Bonfire, Fireworks & Live Music which take place on Saturday 5th November at 4:30pm and features live music, fireworks and a bonfire.

2) Leeds, West Yorkshire

The next Yorkshire location lighting up the skies is Leeds, a wonderful trendy, metropolitan city which has excellent shopping amenities and a host of charming bars. One of the best bonfires to check out when visiting Leeds is definitely the Roundhay Park Bonfire Night which takes place on Friday 4th November and starts at 7:30pm with a firework display from 8pm.

3) Sheffield, South Yorkshire

The city of steel and in November stunning fireworks, Sheffield is well known for its cultured theatre scene and extensive shopping facilities, but it’s also a Yorkshire firecracker, hosting one of the region’s greatest bonfire events. The After Dark 2016 at Don Valley Grass Bowl takes place on Saturday 5th November at 5:30pm, featuring live music, a giant funfair and food stalls.

4) Hull, East Yorkshire

Heading over to East Yorkshire for our fourth bonfire bonanza to the 2017 City of Culture, Hull. Hull not only boasts the world’s only submarium, The Deep, but it also offers a crackling crescendo of dazzling fireworks. Beverley Westwood Bonfire Night takes place on Saturday 5th November at 6:15pm and features food stalls, fairground rides and some spectacular aerial fireworks.

5) Skinningrove (Near Whitby), North Yorkshire

Now our last entry is a little bit different, set against a rugged coastal backdrop Skinningrove is just 16 miles north of Whitby and is widely known for its original bonfire displays. A themed bonfire unlike any other, Skinningrove Bonfire adopts a different theme every year, from trains to Gothic castles, and this year the theme is alum industry so there will be a wooden Whitby Collier ship structure. The display will take place on Saturday 5th November with fireworks starting at 7pm.

These are our top five bonfire breaks in Yorkshire, do you have a favourite bonfire display you’re going to? Let us know in the comment box below!

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