This Week We’re Talking About… The UK Heatwave

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We all witnessed the miracle that happened this week when the sunshine made a glorious visit to the UK – and it was about time too. After drizzly days and chilly nights, the mini-heatwave hit the UK, and Tuesday was recorded as the hottest day of the year so far, with temperatures soaring as high as 34 degrees – phew!

A great source of Vitamin D, sunshine is a godsend for us rain-accustomed Brits, and as homage to the humble sun, here are our favourite balmy UK breaks and things to do for when the warm weather does, on rare occasion, descend on the UK.

1) Head to the seaside

Now there’s nothing us Superbreaker’s love more than a sun-filled beach day at the seaside. Silky sand between your toes and an ice cream in hand – life doesn’t get much better when it’s hot. Whether you live up North and you’re headed to Whitby or Blackpool, or if you’re down South and fancy a day in Brighton or Eastbourne, the seaside is the best place to be when temperatures are sizzling.

2) Have fun at a theme park

Mixing the fun- and sun factor, a hot day calls for a day at a theme park like Alton Towers. With the sunscreen smothered all over your pale limbs and your trusty hat, you’re more than prepared for a day of exhilarating rollercoasters and body-drenching water rides. After your adrenaline fix, you can pick a place to sit within Alton Towers’ beautiful grounds, with lots of trees and shaded spots on offer to seek solace from the rays.

3) Embrace the outdoors at an open-air theatre

We all know that sticky, humid days do get a bit much. We think that sweltering afternoons and evenings are best spent outdoors, and open-air theatre is a great way to forget the heat and enjoy some outdoor entertainment. Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London is a top spot for an open-air theatre outing, with various plays showing throughout the year. You could even turn it into a London weekend break and head to Hyde Park’s Serpentine Lido for some outdoor swimming.

4) Eat an ice cream … or two at the park


Despite its fast-melting nature, the classic ice cream is a firm favourite when it comes to choosing the ultimate cooling snack. Whether you’re a strawberry, chocolate or simply vanilla fan, you cannot go wrong with an ice cream at the park. You could make a day of it by taking some games and a picnic, too! Ever wondered which ice cream flavour you are?

5) Visit a museum

If the sun gets too much, you could always seek refuge in one of the many museums in the UK. Depending on what quenches your museum thirst, you can enjoy an afternoon of art, history, science or chocolate – all with the added benefit of cool, air-conditioned rooms. There are hundreds of museums throughout the UK – some of the even free – so there’s no excuse for not heading out and exploring something new when it’s absolutely baking outside.

6) Escape to the countryside

Avoid the urban frying pan and take a trip into the countryside when you know the warm weather’s on its way. The countryside is a great place to go for a hike, a bike ride, a picnic or simply a scenic drive, not to mention the gentle country breeze and rolling hills being a picture-perfect feast for the senses. The Yorkshire Dales, the Peak District, the Cotswolds, the Lake District – there are many beautiful country breaks to be had all over the UK.

What are your favourite things to do when the sun’s out? Let us know in the comment box below!

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