This Week We’re Talking About… Our Best Mother’s Day Gifts

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This week at SuperBreak HQ we’ve turned our attention to Mother’s Day. As the countdown to the big day begins, we’ve all been scrambling about trying to think of the best gift ideas – and it hasn’t been easy! Our mums expect only the best, so here to inspire you (and each other) are our very best gift ideas, past and present…



Best Gift: “Well, in my opinion, it was the poem I wrote for her around 6 or 7 years ago, but she didn’t appreciate it – I think she thought I was being cheap! So she’s had a bouquet of Lilies ever since because they’re her favourite.”

Ideal Present: “I think my mum would love a lifetime subscription to Ferrero Rocher. Do they do that? I don’t think so… In which case maybe a trip on the Eurostar to Bruges – it’s the most chocolate-mad place I’ve ever been to, and I reckon she’d absolutely love it!”


Best Gift: “The best present I’ve ever given her was a photo book detailing her life in pictures.  It brought back lots of memories and was a great home-made, personal gift.  I wanted to give her something she could keep forever and look back on whenever she liked.”

Ideal Present: “Her ideal present would probably a chilled day out, like a spa day or having afternoon tea. It would give us a chance to spend some quality time together, which we don’t get a lot of now we live quite far away from each other!”


Best Gift: “The best present I ever got my mum was giving her a pampering session while playing Mama by the Spice Girls on cassette. I’m sure it wasn’t the most high quality manicure she’s ever received but it was pretty thoughtful for a 7 year old (if I do say so myself.)”

Ideal Present: “The best present I could get my mum this year would be a rail break to York so that we can spend some time together and I can treat her to an afternoon tea at Betty’s.”



Best Gift: “Probably this year, with a surprise trip to Amsterdam that she still doesn’t know about yet!”

Ideal Present: “Her ideal gift would probably be Adele tickets because she’s a massive fan girl!”


Best Gift: “The best present I’ve ever given my mum on Mother’s Day is surprise tickets to see Adele – she used to put the album ‘19’ on in the car and we’ve idolised her ever since!”

Ideal Present: “Her ideal present would be a trip out into the countryside followed by a fancy meal. We don’t see each other as an extended family much any more, so when we do it’s really special.”


Best Gift: “I can’t remember the best present I ever got my mum but I remember the worst. When I was 16 I got a tattoo pre-Mother’s Day and when my mum found out, she went mental and grounded me. Mother’s Day soon came around and because I wasn’t allowed out I couldn’t get her a present. She went out with the rest of the family for a nice meal whilst I was forced to stay at home so when she was out I made the most of the bad situation, wracked my brain on what I could do as a present and baked her a cake. I couldn’t find any icing so I spelt out ‘I’m sorry – Happy Mother’s Day’ on the top of the cake in yoghurt raisins. She came home, hated the cake but found it funny so I was forgiven.”

Ideal Present: “Her ideal present would be to have my brother and I both home for a weekend as neither of us live in Essex any more so we could all go out for a nice sophisticated family meal or afternoon tea somewhere. This year we just happen to be doing this as a surprise for her!”

Are you planning to treat your mum to something special this Mother’s Day? Tell us in the comments section below!

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