Afternoon Tea: Jam or Cream First? (Video)

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In case you didn’t already know, this week is officially National Afternoon Tea Week; which means delicate finger sandwiches, warm fruit scones and teapot after teapot of rich, flavourful tea – mmm!

While everyone at SuperBreak loves an afternoon of devouring dainty cakes and sipping piping-hot tea, there is something which has left our team a little divided this week, and that’s the age-old question of #JamOrCreamFirst on your scone?

Watch our video to find out what happened when two of our SuperBreak team members’ scone-eating ideals clashed when out for afternoon tea this week…

Are you planning an Afternoon Tea Break? And are you a #JamOrCreamFirst person? Let us know in the comment box or on social media using the #JamOrCreamFirst hashtag.

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