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It’s back, it’s back! These are the words which have been on everyone’s lips at SuperBreak this week. Yes, Game of Thrones is back for its sixth series (did we mention that already?), and it’s bigger, badder and more nail-biting than ever. Sunday 24th April saw the hit series (finally!) return to our screens and we just couldn’t contain our excitement here in the office.

This undoubtedly calls for a celebration, and we couldn’t think of a better way to commemorate this momentous occasion than by finally getting in touch with our inner Stark on a package tour of the GoT filming locations in Belfast. We’re also tempted by the idea of heading to one of the other picturesque filming backdrops in Iceland, Seville or Scotland on a short Game-of-Thrones-esque break.

Northern Ireland: Experience Winterfell and Westeros

With two Game of Thrones tours available in Belfast, both the Winterfell and Westeros fictional regions are there for the taking. Suitable for both super fans and GoT novices wanting in on the flurry of excitement, these intriguing coach tours meander the stunning filming locations and give you the chance to play the game of thrones yourself.

The Winterfell tour features the iconic Audleys Castle and Castle Ward, while the Westeros tour allows you to visit the stunning Giant’s Causeway and perhaps the most recognisable location, The Dark Hedges. Each tour reveals some of the most picturesque pockets of Northern Ireland and makes for the ideal place to plunge into Game of Thrones sea of mystery.

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Iceland: Dare to Go North Of The Wall

Also known as the Land of Fire and Ice, Iceland is a firmly favoured filming destination for Game of Thrones and is witnessed most in the second and third season – making it a must-see for fans looking to connect with the glacial charm of the Arctic Circle. Iceland’s fierce paradox of volcanoes, glaciers, deserts and lagoons make it a top choice for anyone looking to experience something out of the ordinary on their next break. Winter may indeed be coming if you decide to break in Iceland, but the warm, fond memories of this stunning location will leave you toasty all year long.


Seville: Step Inside the Dorne Palace and Gardens

The golden crown of Andalusia, it’s no surprise that Seville and its Royal Alcázar Palace were chosen as a majestic setting in season five as the Dorne Palace and Gardens. Steeped in a rich mix of history, culture and tradition, the southern capital of Andalusia is one to tick off your list if sunshine, awe-inspiring vistas and tasty tapas pique your fancy. The colourful and vibrant atmosphere of the April Fair, the intricate architecture of the Cathedral and the Giralda Tower, and the charming, labyrinthine streets of the Santa Cruz district all fuse together to fashion a short break destination any GoT fan would love.

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Scotland: Discover the Wonders of Winterfell

A gateway to the most northern delights of the British Isles, Scotland is a country which oozes medieval character; just one of the many reasons it was selected for the first ever episode of the hit series. Why not go back to where it all began and unravel the plot in an authentic Scottish setting like Doune Castle? A chocolate-box assortment of rolling hillsides, lush greenery and expansive lochs awaits when embarking on a Scottish short break, not to mention the treasure trove of historic cities such as Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen.

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Whichever one of these short breaks take your fancy, you’re sure to have your GoT appetite well and truly whetted. But don’t just take our word for it; experience these much loved locations without the screen.

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