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Whether you’re an avid football fan or you prefer to give it the red card, you can’t help having heard all the commotion about this year’s Euro 2016. It’s France’s turn to play host to the world-famous UEFA European Championship, and with the France vs Romania match kicking off the tournament this evening, it’s all to play for.

Reigning champions, Spain, are definitely one of the favourites to win, along with world-champions Germany; but could it be an underdog like Poland or Wales who scoop the top spot?

In celebration of the Euros 2016, here at Team SuperBreak we have selected our top 5 teams of the competition.

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1) Spain

A team with an advantage, it makes sense that the reigning champions are top of our favourite Euro 2016 teams. And with Madrid, Barcelona and Seville all performing under the umbrella of the world’s greatest football teams; there must be something magic in all of that that glorious sunshine. The only question is, will they reign supreme again this year?

If Spain doesn’t win the Euros, at least it can soak up the glory as one of the world’s best short break destinations. With limitless sunshine, sandy beaches and crystalline waters; it’s no wonder that Spain ranks as the world’s third must-see destination.

2) Germany

With three Euro wins under their belt, the world champions are definitely one of our SuperBreak favourites. Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund are two of Germany’s greatest football teams, and it’s no wonder that Germany have claimed the Euro’s crown three times with players like Neuer.

Germany is also a great place to head on a break; especially if you’re craving a cultural city escape. The colourful streets of Berlin, the gothic cathedral in Cologne and the intricate architecture of Munich’s Marienplatz offer a rather special historical and cultural experience for all ages.

3) France

SuperBreak staff think that France could definitely have this year’s win at the back of the net. With some incredibly skilled players such as Griezmann, as well as having the home advantage – this could just be a recipe for French football supremacy. The French fans will be by their team’s side throughout the tournament which could potentially tackle all the other teams to the ground and leave France triumphant.

The world’s number one destination also goes to the charming country of France. Its celebrated cuisine, architecture and history make it one of the most beautiful short break destinations. Bask in Paris’s romance on a cruise down the Seine River or kick back at one of southern France’s top coastal spots – France really does have it all, and that’s why its top spot comes as no surprise.

4) England

For the sake of patriotism and all, England has to be in our top 5 Euro teams. Country loyalty aside though, we’re 100% backing our home team to do us proud this year, and we believe they can do it. With our top players such as Harry Kane, England is well on its way to put up one heck of a fight.

With a fusion of majestic countryside and unique urban destinations, England is top of the league when it comes to short breaks; whether it’s a royal afternoon tea break in London or an idyllic dinner deal in the Lake District.

5) Belgium

Just like their famous truffles, Belgium have a chocolate-box assortment of great players which could see them steal the winning title. With a strong squad, Belgium are the obvious dark horses in this competition, but can they pitch their level of play high enough to overtake the power teams?

Bruges, Antwerp and Ghent are three of Belgium’s most sought-after destinations, and with its iconic chocolates, artisan beers and charming castles, it’s not hard to see why more and more people are choosing Brussels for their next getaway with a scenic P&O Minicruise or a charming hotel in the heart of the city.

We wish all the teams participating in the Euros 2016 the very best of luck! Let us know which team you want to win in the comment box below!

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