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Can you believe it’s April already? We certainly can’t! And 1st April can only mean one thing – it’s April Fools! In celebration of the silliest day of the year we’ve rounded up 14 of the weirdest and wackiest travel-themed April Fools pranks – in case you need some inspiration…

1) WestJet’s Furry Family Policy

The airline announced in 2013 that it would be allowing all pets to travel on board with passengers rather than in kennels. The VP of Communications for the company said, “they’re part of the family.” There was mixed reaction at the announcement that the news was all a prank, but the company’s YouTube video announcing their joke policy continues to entertain.

2) Selfie sticks for your pet’s travel snaps

In keeping with the pet theme, retailer Petco announced that they were producing a new line of selfie sticks especially for pets, a must-have for all travellers. The popular pet supplies store claimed that the selfie-stick was activated via a ‘bark’ or ‘meow’, and could be used with face time – meaning your pets could call their friends back at home to let them know how their break is going. The store even claimed to be running a special offer – buy a dog selfie stick and get a cat selfie stick completely free; who could resist an offer like that?

3) Learn to speak to your dog with Rosetta Stone

Then in 2015, Rosetta Stone expanded its catalogue of online language courses beyond the usual selection of French, Spanish and Italian to include speaking with your dog. Yes, the time was finally here that you could really communicate one-to-one with your dog. Perfect for when they’re face-timing you from their European short break.

4) Deluxe airport lounge for pets

Not one to miss out on the pet-related pranks, Virgin Australia announced in 2015 that it would be opening a deluxe pet lounge for our furry four-legged friends to wait on their flights in style. The lounge would only be available to those travel-savvy pets who were members of the Velocity Frequent Flyer programme. Have a look at Virgin’s advert for their pet-only departure lounge below.

5) Virgin Launches Glass Bottom Plane

Virgin, and founder Richard Branson, are well known for their pranks – remember Branson’s UFO stunt – so it’s not surprising that they’ve made it on to our best April Fools list twice. In 2013 Virgin Atlantic Airways announced that their engineers had been working on building the first ever glass-bottomed plane. The innovative design would no doubt offer spectacular views on your journey, but we’re not quite so sure we’d like to see how glass would react to speeds of 600mph.

6) Spire of Dublin to be removed

In 2015 it was reported by Irish broadcasters RTE that the famous silver Spire in Dublin was to be temporarily removed from O’Connell Street, as part of the city’s 1916 Easter Rising commemorations. The report stated that the removal of the iconic statue would cost an estimated 500,000 euros. The news that the city’s famous landmark would be removed caused uproar around the country, but rest assured that if you’re visiting Dublin you will find the Spire safe and sound in its original spot.

7) London’s Shard to become climbing wall

Another famous landmark became the subject of an April Fool, when the UK Scouts reported that London’s tallest skyscraper – The Shard – was set to become a giant climbing wall. Are we the only ones who’re slightly disappointed that this isn’t true?

8) Leaning Tower of Pisa to become a hotel

The landmark laughs travelled worldwide, when The Telegraph reported that Italy’s famous Leaning Tower of Pisa was soon to be reformed into a hotel. The newspaper claimed that the hotel would be name 3.99 Degrees – the angle at which the famously wonky landmark leans. It was also reported that rooms at the luxury hotel would cost upwards of 14,500 per night (!) and that the money raised from the hotel would be put back in to conserving the iconic tower. It certainly would be an interesting place to spend the night, but we’re pretty sure sleeping at 3.66 degrees would leave you with a bit of a crick in your neck.

9) Ban on fry-ups in Spain

Perhaps in the most devastating news of all, a news website The Local reported in 2015 that Spanish resort Benidorm – a favourite among British holidaymakers – was set to ban full English breakfasts. The news no doubt left a few Brits rethinking their Costa Blanca break, until they were reassured the news was all a big joke. Personally, we enjoy trying out the local cuisine when travelling – but it never hurts to have that failsafe fry-up to fall back on.

10) Loud tourists to be rejected at Paris cafes

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As if the Spanish ban wasn’t enough to have us panicking, The Local also reported a Parisian prank – claiming that campaign group Manger en Paix (Eat in Peace) were encouraging cafes to implement a ban against tourists eating noisily. The news claimed that several bars and cafes across the French capital had signed up to the campaign, stating that loud tourists were ruining ‘the sophistication of the Parisian dining experience.’ To be fair, no-one likes a noisy eater do they?

11) Book a break back in time

Travel company Orbitz got on-board with some April Foolery when it offered its customer the opportunity to travel in time. The two-day promotion included trips back to Egypt in 2540 BCE or to the Moon in 3013. On the unlikely chance that anyone may have fell for the prank and tried to book one of the time-travelling escapes, the company stated quite clearly in their terms and conditions, “Fictional hotels in the past or future are subject to the creation of an actual time machine.” So, maybe one day!

12) An out-of-this-world break to Mars

In 2014, Southwest Airlines also get fantastical with their April Fools’ offering – a trip to Mars. The airline claimed that their extraordinary offer was part of an extra special inclusion in their regular Tuesday fare offers. Their spokeswoman said, “It’s a goal of ours to connect people to the intergalactic planets they love, and now we’re able to do that.’

13) Cheap flights in the cargo hold

Elsewhere, Flight Centre Australia offered a much less luxurious new fare, giving budget travellers the chance to save by travelling in the cargo crate. The special offer claimed that so long as you didn’t mind sacrificing a little bit of comfort you could travel from Australia to London for just AUS$199 (£107.49). hey, it could be tempting…maybe?

14) Bjorkworld opening in Reykjavik

Last year it was announced that a theme-park celebrating pop icon Bjork was to be opened in Reykjavik. The amusement park was claimed to be ‘an immersive audio and visual experience…a revolution, both in terms of artistry and technology’ We are still wishing this one was true.

Have you been pranked this year, or fooled one of your friends or family? Let us know in the comments below or share your stories with us on Facebook.

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