This Week We’re Talking About… 10 Things We Love About Wicked

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As it’s Wicked’s 10th Anniversary at the West End, take a peek at the top reasons why we love the show!

1. It gets to the bottom of what REALLY happened to the Wicked Witch of The West (no spoilers, please)

We won’t ruin it for you but the truth is shocking/nothing like the depiction in the classic 1939 film.

2. It celebrates female friendship and empowerment. #SquadGoals

When the two girls realise they actually get on rather well? Adorable!

3. It shows there’s more to Oz than it being a cat fight destination for some seriously sparkly shoes

Our findings? There’s plenty of parties and celebrations in Oz – it’s a definite party town.

4. It’s not afraid to tackle controversial issues throughout the show

Politics? Sexual issues? Ethical debates? It’s all going down in Oz!

5. It’s adapted from the eponymous 1995 novel, written by Gregory Maguire

Witch (sorry) is also awesome – read it!

6. It’s an international hit

From Broadway in New York to the West End in London, Wicked has had success across the globe!

7. It has THE BEST songs. Ever.

From ‘Popular’ to ‘Defying Gravity’, the songs throughout the show are catchy, powerful TUNES.

8. It has MASSIVE plot twists

They’ll shock you to the very core!

9. The special effects are outstanding

Fire, lighting, flight – it’s an impeccably well put together show.

10. It’s such a feel-good show

You know that happy, warm feeling you get after seeing a good musical? Yep, you’ll get that with Wicked!

Have you seen Wicked before? Let us know by commenting in the box below! 

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