Amazing Things To Do In Reykjavik on a Short Break

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As the 165th largest populated capital city in the world, you might mistakenly think Reykjavik doesn’t have a lot going on compared to the likes of say… London, Madrid or Paris? What a mistake this would be indeed.

The city attracts thousands of visitors each year hoping to catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights phenomenon, but that’s not all the Icelandic capital has to offer. Delve a little deeper and you’ll discover there’s a whole lot more to this city than first meets the eye.

Intrigued? You should be.

Read on to find out what Reykjavik sights and delights you can discover on a short break. From summer excursions to winter tours, this is the perfect starting point for planning your Reykjavik break.

The colourful Reykjavik skyline
Stunning views of the amazing Northern Lights

Gullfoss-Geysir Direct

This is no ordinary sightseeing tour. The Gullfoss Geysir Direct is a fascinating Icelandic excursion offering you the opportunity to see not one, but TWO amazing natural wonders.

First on the itinerary, you can marvel at the stunning Gullfoss Waterfall with its vast landscapes and stunning cascading falls. Translated to the ‘Golden Falls’, Gullfoss is a stunning sight to behold and often photographed with a colourful rainbow over it. Regardless of weather, this waterfall is a hugely popular attraction year round and a true example of the beauty found in Iceland.

Gullfoss Waterfall complete with rainbow!
The dramatic falls of Gullfoss, Iceland

Onto the next natural wonder… the Geysir hot springs. Located in the Geysir geothermal district, you’ll see the iconic bubbling water pits as they explode dramatically before your eyes. Boiling water can be hurled as high as 70 metres into the air making for a spectacular short break snapshot.

With all your transport included as well as a convenient hotel pickup at the start of the tour, the Gullfoss-Geysir Direct promises to be a memorable afternoon exploring some of Iceland’s most remarkable natural sights.

The Geysir District where the hot bubbling springs can be found
Boiling water shooting into the air from one of the Geysir hot springs

Whale Watching

Venturing out to sea in Reykjavik is an experience not to be missed. There’s not many opportunities in this world to see whales in their natural habitat but this is one tour where it can happen. Sailing out into the ocean, you’ll have the chance to see Minke whales and Humpback whales, as well as dolphins, porpoises and a range of other fascinating wildlife species. Not only will you get to see these amazing creatures, but a knowledgeable guide will be on hand to tell you all about the extraordinary marine life found in Icelandic waters.

Docking from Reykjavik’s traditional fishing harbour, you’ll be kept warm with special suits and plenty of hot drinks from the on-board café, leaving you to simply enjoy this spectacular Reykjavik whale watching tour. 

The Whale Watching tour docking from Reykjavik harbour
Some of the marine life you can spot on the whale watching tour

The Wonders of Snaefellsnes

Stepping outside of Reykjavik, visitors are exposed to a world of wonders, quite literally. Famed for its role in the Jules Verne novel – Journey to the Center of the Earth – Snaefellsnes is a picturesque peninsula featuring a mixture of giant mountains, cavernous craters, white and black lava-tinted beaches, lush valleys and creeping glaciers. This unique landscape, and all its wonders perfectly complement each other in harmony like no other place on earth.

Getting picked up from your hotel in Reykjavik, you’ll be able to discover this beautiful Icelandic scenery on The Wonders of Snaefellsnes Tour, and with the help of your local guide you’ll have all the insider knowledge too.

Picturesque landscapes are everywhere you in Snaefellsnes
Heading out the beaches you’ll be greeted with views like this!

Iceland in the summer…

Despite its winter associations, Iceland is an equally fantastic destination to visit in the summer as it is in the colder months. With temperatures averaging at 10 °C, the milder weather is more suitable for some of the tourist attractions and tours available including whale watching. Summer in Reykjavik also comes with a few other perks such as longer days and the chance to see the midnight sun – a truly magical natural occurrence.

With this in mind, we’ve packaged together the best Reykjavik summer attractions in a 3 day ultimate tour – meaning you won’t miss a thing on your short break in Iceland. Combining whale watching, Gullfoss waterfall, Geysir hot springs and entry to Iceland’s must-see Blue Lagoon – you’ll have the full package for visiting Reykjavik in the summer.

Bubbling pits of hot water can be found in the Geysir District
Don’t forget your camera on the Whale Watching tours!
Another beautiful shot of the Gullfoss Waterfall

Iceland in the winter…

Aside from freezing temperatures and a whole lot of snow, winter in Reykjavik promises beautiful sunsets, sunrises and of course, the mesmerising Aurora Borealis. It’s the perfect time of year to catch this natural wonder in the sky, with plenty of sightseeing time left over to appreciate the breath-taking scenery surrounding you.

Our ultimate 3 day winter package for Iceland brings together the best of Reykjavik during the colder months including a Northern Lights experience, a Gullfoss Geysir afternoon tour and the chance to visit the Blue Lagoon – just remember to pack plenty of cosy jumpers and socks!

Winter in Iceland is perfect for seeing The Northern Lights
The Blue Lagoon is a must-see attraction in Reykjavik

Which of these sightseeing tours in Reykjavik would you most like to try? Have you been on any other Icelandic tours you can recommend? Let us know by filling out the box below.

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