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At SuperBreak HQ, we all love a good afternoon tea. Whether it’s a tasty treat in a country retreat or a slice of heaven in the city, there is nothing better than a sumptuous array of cakes and bakes to raise the spirits. With this in mind, we’ve come up with a nifty way of finding out which part of the traditional afternoon tea best describes you! Try our quiz and find out…

You’re going on a night out. Where do you go?

A) To the local bingo hall, then straight on to the pub.

B) A cosy restaurant with a log fire and plenty of entertainment.

C) To an evening class, ready to learn a new skill such as jewellery making or needlecraft.

D) A night out? I’d rather stay in and keep warm, thanks.

E) An exclusive cocktail bar, darling! Only the best for me!

 Someone at work steals your cream cake from the staff fridge. What do you do?

A) Send round a polite and to-the-point email addressing the matter.

B) Get your own back by nabbing the next available cake that appears in the fridge.

C) Cry in the toilets about it for a bit (the loss of cake is totally worth a little cry) and then crack on with your day.

D) Forget about it – there’s plenty more cakes in the bakery.

E) Tell everyone to their face that this is an outrage! Someone has to fess up sooner or later!


You have a free Saturday ahead of you – what do you plan to do with your day?

A) Take a walk through the local park – is there anything more invigorating?

B) It’s all about culture! You’ll find me in a local museum or art gallery.

C) Catching up with the girls over a long lunch, then a spot of shopping.

D) Has to be a Netflix marathon! Blanket (check), snacks (check), favourite slippers (check).

E) I’ll get my chauffeur to drive me to my favourite new haunt, where everyone knows my name.

 Your ideal pet would be…

A) A little tortoiseshell cat who minds its own business.

B) Perhaps a bearded lizard or two, or a corn snake!

C) Chinchillas are so cute! And they don’t smell!

D) A snuggly pug to cosy up to on a cold evening.

E) A micro pig – it’d be the talk of any dinner party!

 It’s raining outside. You…

A) Quickly hurry your way into the nearest available café for a hot drink.

B) Are already sopping wet! Stay out in the rain and wait for it to pass.

C) Grab your umbrella and brave the shower.

D) Switch off your alarm and have another half hour in bed.

E) Ring for a taxi and spritz more ultra-hold hairspray on your hairdo than usual.


You go to the theatre and the person next to you is talking. You…

A) Politely ask the person to be quiet.

B) Tap them on the shoulder and say ‘Oi, shush.’

C) Tut and roll your eyes until they get the message.

D) Let them get on with their chat. They’ll be told off soon enough.

E) Flounce out of the theatre and tell a member of staff immediately.

 The only way to have a piece of toast is…

A) With a tasty pate and some cheese.

B) By covering it in jam or Nutella.

C) Lightly buttered and fresh from the deli.

D) On the edge of a huge fry-up.

E) Moulded into little rounds and then topped with smoked salmon.


You’re going to a dinner party at a friend’s house. You wear…

A) Your best dress and heels, or a smart suit.

B) A nice shirt and jeans. They’re your friends, after all.

C) Lots of interesting jewellery and accessories to perk up any outfit.

D) Your onesie – it’s best to be comfortable, right?

E) A designer ensemble – dress to impress!

 You can’t find your phone. You…

A) Get someone else to ring it for you.

B) Think of the last place you had it.

C) Have a little panic and go on a hunt for it.

D) Don’t worry too much about it. It’ll turn up.

E) Buy a new one!

 It’s your friend’s birthday soon. How do you plan to celebrate?

A) By taking them out for a tasty afternoon tea in a top venue.

B) Party time! A huge party with a DJ and a buffet.

C) A trip to London to see a West End show.

D) By meeting them for a few drinks and a meal in the pub.

E) Hire a yacht and enjoy a week of luxury.

 Mostly A’s


You’re the humble sandwich! As the tasty little starter to any good afternoon tea, you exude politeness and grace. You’re also multi-talented and can get along with anyone.

 Mostly B’s


You’re the cheeky scone with cream and jam! You certainly love a good time and ensure that all of your friends join in too. You’re also not afraid to speak your mind in sticky situations.

 Mostly C’s


You’re the delicate patisserie! Adding a touch of artistry to everything you do, you’re certainly one to admire. You’re also keen to try new things and always look your best.

 Mostly D’s


You’re the classic cup of tea! You like to keep cosy and always make people smile and feel at ease. You also love to relax and watch the world go by at your own pace.

 Mostly E’s


You’re the sophisticated glass of champagne! You’re a big fan of luxurious treats and occasions and you love to splash the cash. You also adore making your friends feel special.

What afternoon tea component are you? Let us know by commenting in the section below!

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