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Christmas is just around the corner and you haven’t even started on your Christmas shopping. The shops are stress-inducing and the bright lights are causing a headache. Sounds familiar? According to research conducted by, Brits are planning to spend on average £380 on Christmas gifts this year… but why should this remain the norm? With over three-quarters of the nation believing we spend too much on Christmas gifts (76%) and over half of Brits (56%) thinking they’d rather go on a relaxing holiday, we believe it’s time for a festive shake-up. Take a peek at our Christmas Wish List, filled with unique travel ideas, adventurous days out and nifty travel accessories that are guaranteed to make your life easier. Christmas bliss = wrapped up.

Celebrate New Year in London or Edinburgh

New Year is amazing no matter what you get up to, but spending time in a bustling city with an electric atmosphere can make the occasion even more special. Head to London or Edinburgh for a truly magical experience. 

Discover Seville: Authentic Andalucia

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Look forward to a little slice of sun during the drearier months with our Seville: Authentic Andalucia experiences. Whether you fancy exploring the surrounding areas and learning more about the history and culture of Seville, or sitting back with a cool sangria and tasty tapas,  Seville is the perfect spring pick-me-up destination.

Treat A Loved One To A Spa Gift Voucher

In a world where everyone has everything, a spa break is the perfect gift solution. Relaxation is big business in The UK as more and more of us search for that blissful retreat away from the stresses of everyday life. Also, our spa gift vouchers can be used across all of our spa packages, so it makes for the perfect post-Christmas treat. If the person in question really is hard to please, you can’t go wrong with a standard Super Break gift voucher!

Keep It Snappy With An Instax Camera

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A digital camera/phone camera is all very well and good, but in terms of a practical, über-cool and instantly printable version, it has to be an Instax. Make this your ultimate travel buddy for the New Year and be sure to capture those precious memories while out and about. 

Paint The Town Red On A Friday Night Out

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 Just you, your best friends and a new city to explore – what could be nicer? Whether you fancy dancing your way  around Newcastle or living it up in Leeds, our selection of Friday Night Out offers are sure to impress this Christmas. What’s more, every night out includes a tasty meal out, drinks on arrival at your hotel and a nightlife voucher.

Stay Safe With Bluetooth Padlocks

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Stay safe and stylish on your travels with these nifty bluetooth padlocks. Using innovative technology, these futuristic-looking gems are certainly more secure than your regular luggage locks. 

Charge Up Via A Portable Power Pack

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Clunky chargers are so last century… get with the times and treat yo’self to a trusty portable power pack. That way, you’ll never face the dreaded near-empty battery symbol while you’re out of the house with your phone.

Explore Iceland With An Akureyri Break

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Compared to its Southern counterpart Reykjavik, Akureyri is relatively undiscovered… until now. Super Break have launched exclusive charter flights to the Northern Iceland hot spot, so there’s never been a better time to visit. Spectacular views guaranteed.

Keep It Light With Digital Luggage Scales

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Handy, right? Leave the hefty scales at home and bring a suitably sleeker alternative with you on your travels. All the more room for souvenirs!

Shop ‘Til You Drop On A New Year Shopping Break

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January can certainly be bleak, so make it a little cheerier with a fun shopping break away in a new city. From Manchester to London, each shopping break includes a 3-course meal in a popular restaurant and a £50 voucher per room.

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