The rise of destination marriages

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One trend I’ve noticed lately that seems to be on the rise – particularly as some of my friends have been taking the plunge – is the destination marriage. This seems somewhat bizarre, given how we’re in the middle of a recession, but the volume of couples wanting to jet off to tie the knot in the sun seems to be growing. Perhaps they’re looking for a way to escape the miserable economy for their happy day and are splashing out in one massive act of defiance? I guess plenty of them are wise to the fact that if they choose their destinations carefully they can actually save cash by having their weddings overseas.

I’m not really sure how I feel about destination weddings just because they put quite a lot of pressure on family and friends to find the cash to spend on flights and hotels. After all, isn’t that what honeymoons are for? Letting the couple get away for a much-needed holiday somewhere exotic? Then again, what better excuse to head off for a holiday than for a wedding? You can pack your beachwear alongside your gladrags and book some time off where you can enjoy a new country or city as well as being there for the happy couple.

This got me to thinking about what countries I wouldn’t mind too much if my friends planned a destination wedding in. I have to admit that the first place I think of is somewhere like Barbados, where they can enjoy a beautiful wedding on the beach and I can enjoy, well, an amazing holiday in a fantastic location.

I also started wondering about all of the unusual places people might think about for getting married. Like I read about a couple that got married in a helicopter flying over Las Vegas – which sounds amazing, but I doubt some of my friends would be able to hire a big enough helicopter to get all of their guests inside, too 😀

Similarly, I’m not sure how many people would go for watching the happy couple exchanging their vows at Ocean Park in Hong Kong, where brides and grooms to be don diving suits and make their way several metres under the water to make their promises whilst surrounded by sharks. Wow – I wonder how they manage to hear each other? Even more bizarrely, some couples in America are opting to wed in Taco Bells and McDonalds – I suppose that really is beating the credit crunch.

But if you choose an exotic holiday destination for your wedding then I suppose you eliminate the stress of rushing off for your honeymoon straight after and can relax and enjoy your big day even more. A honeymoon in a fast food joint though? No thanks!

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