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After its highly anticipated opening in 2012, the Warner Bros. Making of Harry Potter Studio Tour has shot to the top of the UK attractions list and continues to be one of the most talked about themed tours in the world. For Potter fans it’s a must visit, and even if you’re not keen or haven’t even seen the films, the interactive and behind-the-scenes experience is enough to entertain. Not only does the tour offer insights into how the films were made and exclusive access to official movie memorabilia, they also put on exciting events throughout the year to offer you even more reasons to visit.

With so much going on in 2014, we thought we’d give you a sneak peek at why you need to get yourself tickets to The Making of Harry Potter Tour this year.

The Great Hall

Feathers and Flight

Friday 4th April – Sunday 27th April

Pay a visit this April for the tours’ first ever Feathers and Flight feature. For three weeks, the attraction will play host to the feathery actors that played Hedwig, Pigwidgeon and Errol, as well as ravens and crows who will demonstrate their flying skills. Pose for pictures with your favourite famous owl and learn some of the training processes involved in bringing their performances to life on screen. 

Wand Week

Friday 23rd May – Monday 2nd June

After 2013’s success with wand week and the very royal visitors, it’s back for another year. Delve into the world of wandmaking and duel with a Death Eater as Wand Week returns to the Studio Tour by popular demand. You’ll be able to discover first-hand how duelling scenes were developed and explore the incredibly detailed process behind each wand movement. Original moulds, concept art and wand designs will be showcased in the attraction as well as the iconic duelling table from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

Wills and Kate paid a visit for Wand Week in 2013

Bludgers, Board Games and Broomsticks

Friday 18th July – Monday 1st September

This summer, you’ll be able to learn how magical sports and wizarding games came to life on screen at the Studio Tour. Authentic costumes from Quidditch scenes will be on display as well as the rattling ball crate from Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. You’ll discover how a combination of special and visual effects were used to make cast members fly and chess pieces move – as well as getting the chance to test green screen technology for yourself!

Dark Arts

Friday 17th October – Monday 3rd November

Perfect for the Halloween season is the spooky Dark Arts exhibition. Secrets behind the Dark Arts will be revealed this October half-term at the Studio Tour for two weeks only, where you’ll learn how the Dark Arts were brought to life on screen and get the chance to duel with a Death Eater. Scary! 

The Harry Potter Studios get ready for Christmas

Hogwarts at Christmas

Friday 14th November – January 2015

The most magical snowfall of the season will take place at the Studio Tour this November as the breath-taking Hogwarts castle model is covered in a blanket of snow. Some of the attraction’s intricately-detailed sets will also be given a festive makeover using the actual decorations and food props seen in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Eight Christmas trees will line the Great Hall, along with festoons of holly, mistletoe and golden wreaths.

Whenever you decide to visit the Harry Potter Studio Tour this year, you’ll be guaranteed to have an amazing time. No matter what age you are you’ll appreciate the incredible things on show, along with each of the above exciting events.

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