The Hottest European Cities for 2013

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Now that we’re all back into our daily routines and the Christmas break begins to feel like months ago, it’s about time we had something new to look forward to! 2012 was a huge year for Great Britain, but in 2013 it’s all about that extra special European break. With an eclectic mix of white sandy beaches, culture-filled cities and even the odd ski slope, Europe offers the best variety of holidays to keep even the pickiest of travelers happy. We’ve listed the five hottest cities destined for success this year, and boy have we got some crackers!

IcelandReykjavik, Iceland

Every year, Iceland grows in popularity thanks to its world famous Northern Lights. Visitors have flocked to the country’s capital, Reykjavik in hopes of catching a glimpse at the once in a lifetime spectacular, and with stunning landscapes, unique outdoor spas and some of the freshest seafood available, there’s a lot to enjoy about this city. An isolated island of volcanoes and glaciers, Reykjavik is one of the coolest destinations in Europe… in every sense of the word!

Crete, Greece

You could be easily fooled into thinking Crete is just a typical Greek Island with few surprises and a predictable array of shops and restaurants. However, even as the largest of the islands Crete has many intimate experiences and plenty of reasons to party. It has recently developed a reputation as one of the finest wine producers in the continent, and the best part… there are vineyard tours galore for you to enjoy. So for great food, stunning beaches and top quality wines, Crete cannot be missed.


Helsinki, Finland

Named as The World Design Capital of 2012, Helsinki continues to push itself as one of the most creative destinations in the world. Eye-opening buildings, striking sculptures and inspiring art welcome you at every turn, and with the intriguing Kulttuurisauna opening this summer, Helsinki will offer the first public sauna to open in some 50 years. Unique, distinctive and definitely one-of-a-kind, Helsinki is without a doubt one of the most exciting cities to visit in Europe.

Innsbruck, Austria

Encircled by The Alps, Innsbruck offers access to some of the greatest ski slopes around, and although usually overshadowed by the country’s capital, Vienna, Innsbruck can definitely hold it’s own as a ‘Must Visit’ destination. If skiing isn’t really your thing don’t worry – during the warmer months, Innsbruck turns into the ideal location for hiking, mountain biking and general exploring thanks to some beautiful scenery and untouched landscapes. Its historic hillside towns make the perfect place to stop for a well earned rest with a view.


Santorini, Greece

Greece’s eternal honeymoon hotspot, Santorini is up there as one of the most romantic destinations available. With its striking volcanic sand beaches and contrasting white architecture, Santorini thrives year upon year thanks to visitors from all over the world. A major highlight of this special island is the stunning sunset at Oia, world-famous due to its pure beauty and magnificent backdrop. Gorgeous hill-top restaurants overlooking the twinkling Aegean sea … could it be any more romantic?

To make your holidays even easier this year, we now sell flights + hotel packages online! With a whole host of gorgeous beach and city destinations to head to all over Europe, you’ll be spoilt for choice. I know I am! My favourites have always been The Algarve for a relaxing beach break and Paris for that romantic city experience, but Iceland has really caught my eye this year so perhaps that will be my next adventure.

Which European cities do you fancy trying out this year?

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