The Glasgow Film Festival – let the fun begin

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With Hollywood blockbusters still dominating cinemas everywhere, it’s time for the UK to show off its own box office credentials with the Glasgow Film Festival, which runs at venues across the city from 18 to 28 February.

This high-profile event has been running in Scotland for six years now, and has firmly established itself on the international festival scene. But not content with being one of the best places to see a huge range of fantastic independent films from across the globe, this year’s Glasgow Film Festival has spawned a number of mini festivals running alongside the main events that look every bit as fascinating to me.

Probably the most unique of these is the Glasgow Music and Film Festival – that’s music and film, with a number of documentaries and performances exploring the close relationship between what audiences see and hear when they go to the movies.

According to STV, the main events of the music and film festival are live performances from Zombie Zombie, Thomas Truax and Pere Ube who will all be giving their own interpretation of cinematic greats, while the film side of things focuses on groups as diverse as the White Stripes, Nick Cave and Glasgow’s own art rockers Mogwai – who are also scheduled to play a DJ set to follow their latest concert film Burning.

Film fans across the spectrum are sure to find something that appeals to them in the various film festivals, particularly the Glasgow Youth Film Festival which always proves popular with children of all ages and includes workshops where kids can script and film their own movies. This sounds like the perfect place to take your children if they’re interested in learning more about the art of filmmaking.

As well as featuring a large number of international films, the Glasgow Film Festival is also true to its roots and celebrates the cream of home-grown Scottish talent. One of the most talked-about Scottish films getting its premiere at this year’s festival is American: The Bill Hicks Story, which aims to bring the laughter of the late comedian to new audiences. Check out the official events programme to see just what’s happening around the city throughout the month and you’re sure to find something to get excited about!

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