The Definitive London Museum Quiz – Which Would Suit You Best?

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A short break in London is rarely complete without a trip to a museum; whether it be a historical jaunt or a cultural visit. No matter what you’re interested in, London is sure to have a museum that takes your fancy, but with so many to choose from, it’s difficult to know which one is right for you! So with that in mind, why not take our (entirely accurate) quiz and find out which London museum would suit you best!


Life is…

A: Like a box of chocolates

B: Filled with wonder and mystery

C: For learning about the world’s history

D: Beautiful

E: All about enjoying yourself!

 A trip to a museum is all about:

A: Having a laugh

B: Interactivity

C: Testing how much you know about a certain subject

D: Discovering rare and exquisite artefacts

E: Learning more about something you’re passionate about

An ideal Saturday consists of…

A: A trip to the cinema followed by a meal at an American diner

B: Playing a board game/video game with friends

C: Getting into a good book

D: Shopping, shopping, a spot of lunch, and then more shopping

E: A kick about in the local park before a trip to the pub

Who’s the most iconic person?

A: Beyoncé

B: Stephen Hawking

C: David Attenborough

D: Coco Chanel

E: Andy Murray

What’s your favourite sandwich filling?

A: Something unusual like houmous or Marmite

B: Something inventive like peanut butter and jam

C: Something traditional like egg and cress

D: Something classy like prawn mayonnaise

E: Something satisfying like bacon

My favourite sport is…

A: Swimming

B: Ultimate Frisbee

C: Running

D: Croquet

E: Tennis

My London day outfit would be…

A: A tailored blazer with pressed trousers and colourful shoes

B: A quirky outfit with Converse and practical accessories

C: A full tweed suit with a tie and brogues

D: A designer skirt/chinos with ultra-polished Winklepickers

E: A casual shirt with jeans and comfy trainers

The greatest book of all time is…

A: ‘My Booky Wook’ by Russell Brand

B: ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’ by Douglas Adams

C: ‘The Origin of Species’ by Charles Darwin

D: ‘The Great Gatsby’ by F. Scott Fitzgerald

E: ‘James and the Giant Peach’ by Roald Dahl

If you could only take one thing to a desert island it would be…

A: Some celebrity magazines with free toiletry samples

B: A telescope to watch the stars

C: A journal (yes, with a pen)

D: A suitcase full of clothes and shoes

E: A swingball set

And finally, your ideal day in London would end with…

A: A thrilling trip to see a West End evening show

B: A ride aboard the Coca Cola London Eye

C: A delicious dinner in a top restaurant

D: A cosy drink in your luxury hotel

E: A bar/pub crawl in the city



Mostly As: So maybe a trip to a museum isn’t your cup of tea, but with your keen interest in celebrity culture, your wit and your sense of adventure you have nothing to fear. You can still experience all of the fun and thrills of a traditional museum with a trip to the fabulous Madame Tussauds! With so many celebrity waxworks to spot throughout the glitzy and glamorous Tussauds rooms, you’ll have a great time posing for selfies and chatting to fellow fans.


Mostly Bs: You’re a bona fide science geek and proud of it! With your exceptional knowledge of everything and anything, fun personality and ongoing curiosity of the wonders of the planet, there’s one museum you’ll just adore: The Science Museum! Have fun in the interactive sections of this huge attraction and learn more about yourself, the world around you and the entire universe.


Mostly Cs: Often referred to as a ‘history buff’, you love nothing more than expanding your mind, encouraging debate and researching new and interesting topics so you can impress your mates. With this in mind, The Natural History Museum is perfect for you. Marvel at the many different exhibitions in this iconic and visually stunning venue.


Mostly Ds: With your impeccable taste, stylish dress sense and fine eye for detail, The V & A Museum is right up your street. Ranging from the historic to the artistic, its range of installations are internationally-renowned for being beautiful, thought-provoking and precious. Its fashion-focused special events and varied gift shop are a must for you, too!


Mostly Es: People see you as a passionate and loyal friend who makes the most of everything. With that in mind, a trip to the Wimbledon Museum is right up your street. Relive the colourful past of the tennis event and learn more about the interesting history that lead to its ongoing success. The museum is perfect for both sports fans and those who fancy a day out with a difference, so no excuses!

After a busy day out on a museum break, relax and unwind in one of our London hotels. We’ve also got a great range of rail tickets and additional London attractions to make your short break a special one.

What results did you get? Were they what you were expecting? Let us know in the comment box below!

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