The Best Foodie Experiences In London


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London is never short of something amazing… We all know a trip to London includes world-class theatre, incredible attractions & events and of course, iconic landmarks, but how does the food & drink scene shape up?

In a city that has it all, finding the perfect spot to sit back and enjoy some good old food & drink can sometimes be hard… From wacky & shabby to chic & classy, we’ve rounded up 10 of the best food & drink houses to visit during your break in London. Enjoy your dinner up in the clouds or tuck into a meal in the middle of a burlesque show (yes, really!)…

1. Circus

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One thing that this place serves is opulence. Situated in the middle of Covent Garden, Circus delivers a unique fine-dining experience when in London… With dishes from an Asian inspired menu, you can expect a fusion of flavours that will certainly impress. Their cocktails are daring too, but certainly not as daring as their entertainment – burlesque acts, fire-eaters and dancers are aplenty…

2. Ziferblat

At Ziferblat, they do things a little differently. As a concept that came from Moscow back in 2011, Ziferblat has become an international success – it’s a cafe, but ultimately, it’s whatever you want it to be… At Ziferblat, all you do is pay for your time there. Use their Wi-Fi,  eat their food, drink their drinks and use their space however you like – it’s just 5p a minute. At Ziferblat, you can never outstay your welcome.

3. Dans Le Noir ?

It’s probably not too hard to guess what’s so quirky about this place? Dans Le Noir translates from French to ‘in the dark’ – so when eating here, you literally eat in the dark… Becoming increasingly popular across the world, at Dans Le Noir, they create a dining experience unlike any other, where all you have to rely on is your sense of smell and taste.

4. Dinner by Heston Blumenthal

When in the big smoke, it’s easier than ever to experience food from celebrity chefs, and Heston Blumenthal is certainly one of them. Playing with different ideas, tastes and appearances of food, Dinner by Heston Blumenthal creates a unique dining experience that should definitely be on your list when in London.

5. Bob Bob Ricard

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This place is the epitome of outlandish fun, serving luxurious English and Russian food & drink. Bob Bob Ricard is widely known as the restaurant for pouring more Champagne than any other restaurant in the UK… This might have something to do with their famous ‘Press for Champagne’ buttons that are in each booth! Located in Soho, this restaurant is lavish, elegant and everything from the 1920’s…

6. The Cheese Bar

Everyone loves a bit of cheese right? Well this ‘cheese & wine night’ is completely off the scale… You’ll be spoiled with inventive cheese dishes from pasta plates to grilled cheese sandwiches – they even have cheese fondue which just sounds like absolute cheese heaven. What’s more, The Cheese Bar is located in Camden Town, so once you’re out of your cheese coma, your night can only get better!

7. Rascals

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Rascals pride themselves on the opposite type of fine-dining that you’d normally find in Mayfair… Instead, they are ridiculously fun but still really serious about food & drink. The whole place is decked in vibrant pinks, lush green plants and neon lights. You can expect foods from all corners of the globe with a Californian twist – every week they have different nights on too, from wacky drag shows to decadent cheese nights. You can find Rascals in Shoreditch!

8. Cahoots

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Transporting you back to the 1940s, Cahoots is all about keeping the ‘Blitz spirit’ alive. Take the stairs down to Cahoots in Soho and you’ll be welcomed with a disused underground tube station in post-war Britain. Fancy cocktails, black market liquor and fantastical parties await – there’s live jazz music & vintage records throughout the week making this the perfect place for a good old knees-up.

9. Hutong

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If you like The View from The Shard then a visit to Hutong will probably be a breeze for you… Located in the tallest building in Western Europe, Hutong is situated on the 33rd level of The Shard. Serving classic Northern Chinese dishes, the service is fantastic and the backdrop, well it’s priceless… and who doesn’t love a Chinese after all?

10. First Aid Box

As the little sister of Brixton’s award-winning bar The Shrub & Shutter, the First Aid Box is one of a kind! Located in Herne Hill, the concept of First Aid Box is all about health and nutrition. Each drink they serve is a prescription and even if they don’t have something on the menu to suit your ‘symptoms’, the people at First Aid Box will be able to fix you up something in no time… go on, it’s the doctors orders!

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