Taylor Swift Rocks The O2 Arena

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I travelled down to the London O2 to see Taylor Swift in her last of five shows which would be the finale of her RED Tour. I was by no account a die hard Swifty fan, and I say ‘was’ because after seeing her flawless 2 hour set, countless costume changes and emotional speeches she has made a considerable impact on my opinion of her and her music.

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The O2 was jam packed with hoards of mini Taylor Swift lookalikes all carrying homemade signs of adoration with ‘actual’ fairy lights which had clearly been a massive project over the past few days. It was quite amusing to see how these fans had attempted to make the biggest and brightest signs, which to be honest, if they had been stood in front of me I would have kicked up a bit of a fuss. Luckily my view was fantastic and I could cope with the fact that Taylor wouldn’t be looking in my direction with gratitude for some homemade sign.

From the word go, I could tell that despite my apparent lack of idolization for this American country singer, it was going to be an amazing show. The 24 year old started with a touching introductory speech about the meaning of her album ‘RED’ and I have to admit I was won over by how natural and genuine she came across – if not a little cynical that her very young fans actually understood the concept of the love and heartbreak she was referring to. These heartfelt speeches would recur throughout the rest of the concert, breaking up her seamless performance. I can see why so many mothers had brought their daughters and their posse of Taylor fans along, she appeared to be an excellent role model particularly when compared to your Miley Cyrus’s of this world.

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For me the highlight of the show was the ‘dubstep’ rendition of ‘I knew you were trouble’, the bass was utterly ground shaking and it was great to see a different slant on one of her most recognised songs. A special guest appearance from Ellie Goulding was also well received as she performed her latest hit ‘Burn’ whilst Taylor Swift danced alongside.

For the whole 2 hours Taylor demonstrated that she is a top class performer, she even seemed to have perfected her glances to the camera so that the big screens above the stage always looked like a pre recorded music video. Along with the impressive costume changes (sometimes mid song) and the uniquely themed set designs, the performance was more like a Broadway show than a country solo artist concert. However, no matter how well rehearsed her speeches, posing and transitions from song to song were, she could not hide her vulnerability when she sat in front of her piano. She was clearly very emotional when singing some of her love songs and I have to say that was more moving than any choreographed piece. All in all I was really impressed and have listened to her RED album ever since…although I won’t be dressing up as her any time soon!

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