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Pride London

So England fans might be a little disheartened after the team’s performance on Sunday, but I think I’ve got just the thing to cheer you up. It’s time to dry your eyes, tear down your St George flags and replace them with rainbows – then you’re ready to head to the UK’s biggest outdoor event at Pride London!

London‘s pride celebrations on Saturday 3rd July are just some of many taking place this summer around the world, including other UK cities like Belfast, Glasgow and
Brighton. But this year the event has a very special focus – commemorating the 40th anniversary of the Gay Liberation Front, which campaigned for rights and decriminalisation in the LGBT community in the 1970s.

But even with such serious messages to deliver, you can always rely on Pride London to keep things upbeat – in fact, I can’t think of any other event I’ve been to that’s balanced social and political messages with quite so much fun!

One of the main events is the famous parade that heads down some of London’s most famous West End streets, which are closed to traffic and filled with revellers. The march starts on Baker Street at 1pm, heading down Oxford Street and winding its way to Trafalgar Square, where the real magic happens as bands and speakers take to the stage in the shadows of famous monuments.

But if you’re keen to get involved in the even livelier side of Pride, you can start your night out early and head to the street party in Soho. This year’s event will be a little smaller than in years past, because of some of the pesky roadworks going on in London at the moment. But it’s a testament to the organisers and supporters of Pride London that they convinced the council to let the popular event go ahead.

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