Superbreak’s Travel Bucket List | August 2014

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We’re spoilt for choice when it comes to short break destinations in Europe, and it can often be a little bit of a battle deciding on where to go. Do you take a city break or spend a few days on the beach? Do you hop on a plane or take a staycation? We know your dilemmas, so we thought we’d help out by letting you guys know what locations were on our bucket list for August. Below, SuperBreakers Vikki, Hayley and Michael give their top tips on where to visit during the summer, and a sneak peek at the places their just dying to take a break in… 

Vikki is recommending Bath & Paris for short breaks this August

Vikki’s August Bucket List

I’m a bit of a wimp when it comes to flying, so if I think I can get away with staying in the UK I probably will. That has however led me to enjoy many a UK short break in some stunning places I’d not yet discovered – every cloud! This time last year I was preparing to jet off for a whirlwind trip to Paris, so this August I think I’ll keep my feet firmly in Britain with a little trip to Bath. As a Yorkie through and through, it’s nice to know that there’s another historic city out there that’s loved just as much. Bursting with culture and some adorable tea rooms, I’ll be in my element strolling around this home-away-from-home.

If, unlike me, you fancy jumping on a plane into the continent, I’d absolutely recommend the ‘City of Love’ at this time of year. The Eiffel Tower never looks a beautiful as when it’s basking in warm Parisian sunshine, and the endless supply of crêpe stalls is a nice bonus. Definitely take a cruise along the River Seine if you go – you’ll get great photos of Notre Dame, ‘Lovers Bridge’ and much more. For some iconically French evening entertainment, take in one of the many cabarets dotted around the city – in particular the magical Mugler Follies Cabaret.

The Yorkshire Dales and French Riviera get Hayley’s vote

Hayley’s August Bucket List 

Summer in the UK for me is all about finding a destination that caters for all weather – you just never know when the rain will come! So with that in mind, come August time I’m heading to the Yorkshire Dales and here’s why… 

When the sun is shining you can take on a walking challenge, enjoy a leisurely bike ride, spot wildlife or discover some of the most beautiful and breath-taking natural sights in the UK. There’s just something about the countryside in summer that really appeals to me, whether it’s enjoying a picnic in the middle of nowhere, or sampling some local ale and pub grub in a beer garden – the Yorkshire Dales is pretty fantastic.

Failing that – and this sadly means the rain has decided to pour – you can occupy yourself with a multitude of activities to suit everyone’s interests. Get busy exploring the historic ruins at Bolton Castle, discover the history behind the Dales at the dedicated museum in Hawes, or see for yourself how the famous Yorkshire cheese comes to life at the Wensleydale Creamery – something ALL cheese lovers will appreciate!

The Yorkshire Dales is a marvellous place to be during summer, with all that fresh air, tranquil scenery and good ole’ Yorkshire folk, but if you really are craving some guaranteed vitamin D before winter appears, then I 100% recommend the south of France.

Renowned for its wealthy locals, I’m here to tell you that anyone can appreciate the delights of the French Riviera – not just the millionaires. A few years back, I spent a couple of very happy days sunbathing on the shores of Nice, wandering round the Monaco race track and marvelling at the swanky yachts bobbing about in Cannes harbour. C’est super!

Michael’s sticking to Britain with The Lake District and Edinburgh on his list

Michael’s August Bucket List 

In a couple of weeks I’ll be jetting off (sort of) to the gorgeous sights and sounds of the Lake District; off to enjoy a walk in the stunning Langdale Pikes and stop in at a few traditional pubs along the way. I can tell you from a wealth of experience that it’s an idyllic place for a staycation. The Lake District though, for me anyway, is a bit of a safe option. I’ve been going for the last 15 years, and even though there are lots of mountains left to climb (Wainwrights to cross off my list, for those in the know), I’m always looking for some new place to explore.

That’s why Edinburgh is the top of my August bucket list this year; it’s not lost on me how terrible it is that I’ve not made the trip north of the border yet! Being a bit of a theatre nerd, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival makes the Scottish capital the perfect place to visit in the summertime. The city is vibrant, and alive with extraordinary talent, but if you fancy leaving the theatre and the trendy bars and restaurants behind for a bit, there’s a plethora of historical sites to explore too. The place is dripping with charm, old and new – I’m booking my train tickets right now!

Let us know where you recommend for an August break by commenting below! We’d love to hear where you plan on visiting.

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