SuperBreak Visit PortAventura: Part Two

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After a cosy night’s sleep in my Texas style room and a delicious breakfast at the hotel’s buffet restaurant, I was ready for a day discovering the thrilling rides in the PortAventura park. Still a little bleary eyed, before I knew it I was standing in the Express queue for Furious Baco, the fastest ride in the resort.

Maria, our guide, described being on the ride as “like being shot out of a gun”, and I suddenly remembered going on Rita at Alton Towers a few years back, a chime of expletives ringing in my ears. Moments later I was buckled in and ready for the launch, with my whole body tensed, head firmly back against the rest. We tick, tick, ticked closer to the opening doors then BANG, we were off, flying at death-defying speeds towards the lake, then whizzed back round to the start. It was all over in a few seconds, but my brain was smashed against the back of my skull the whole time. What a way to start the day!

After our legs had stopped shaking and our blurred vision had cleared up we set off towards the next ride on our ‘hitlist’, via the Sesamo Adventure zone. With a colourful Sesame Street theme, this looked like the perfect area for kids to enjoy the park, with special rides with a big seat and small seat so Mums and Dads can join in on the rides too.

Our next ride was Angkor; the newest addition to the park and the longest boat circuit ride in Europe. Two boats decked out with water guns weave their way through the rainforest style circuit, with strategically placed points of attack where the battle is on to soak the other boat. It was a good job I’d popped on my poncho as we were up against a rather enthusiastic group of kids! I thought this was the perfect ride for families and also provided a nice way to cool down from the scorching Spanish sun.


Next we were off to face the tallest rollercoaster not only at the park, but in the whole of Europe; the terrifying Shambhala. The ominous outline of the ride dominates the skyline for miles around, and as we walked towards the queue I nearly gave into the fear and chickened out. A firm pep talk from my fellow SuperBreaker Linzi and I was soon sat on the second row from the front, edging round the corner towards the long, steep incline of the ride.

As soon as the chair tilted us back and we started slowly climbing upwards, it started to sink in just how high we were going. So I’m sorry to say I shut my eyes tight and started saying my prayers and only realised we’d hit the peak when my stomach lurched and we made a swift plummet back to earth! I’m told the views from the top are amazing, but I’ll just have to use my imagination.


Still pumping with adrenaline, our next pit stop was at the Aloha Polynesia show. I hadn’t really thought about the live shows as being one of the attractions at a resort like PortAventura, but once the show started I could see why the crowds had drawn in. We were treated to a spectacular visual feast of belly dancing beauties and macho Maori men, who were all clad in the most amazing costumes. At the end of the show they got all the little girls up to learn the Hula, and all the boys tried out the Hakka which I thought was a lovely interactive way to end the show.



The rest of our afternoon was also spent watching shows; first up was the Bubble Bou magic show, followed by the Generation Forever musical extravaganza. Both housed in the China Zone of the park, it felt a bit strange walking into cold, dark auditoriums while it was gloriously sunny outside, but the quality of the shows definitely made up for losing out on those precious rays. The Bubble Bou show was a mind blowing, mesmerizing display of colourful bubbles that the wacky professor manipulated at will. He even conjured a giant double bubble that he encased himself in! It was a hugely entertaining show and my favourite of the day.

Next we watched the final show of the day, Generation Forever; an all-singing all-dancing extravaganza that covered off the most popular musical genres throughout the last century. Think Eurovision meets Glee, with acrobats and contortionists thrown in for good measure. It even had a pole dancing Spice Girl! Maria told us this was the most popular show at the resort, but it was all a bit too jazz-hands for me, although the sublime skills of the performers were really impressive. Especially the back-flipping basketballers!


We ended the day at Costa Caribe Water Park, which is handily located adjacent to the theme park. With a variety of slides and pools to suit thrill seekers and little kids alike, the park looked perfect for the whole family. My favourite slide was the purple donut slide, where you whizz down as a group in a huge inflatable ring, clinging on with all your might!

After another brilliant day exploring the park I’d decided that a trip back to PortAventura was a definite must. With the variety of hotels, shows, rides and the water park, all set in a gorgeous Spanish seaside resort, I’m totally bought into the fact it makes a perfect short break location this summer. I’m just trying to find a way to squeeze it in!

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