Superbreak FC 4 – 0 Ioko Cardicarrest

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“Growing up, your mother probably told you that it isn’t nice to laugh at other people’s mistakes. Sometimes it is best to ignore mum’s advice. Especially when it involves the blunders of a goalkeeper, which will forever keep us amused.”
Manager Andrew’s Superbreak FC, flattered with a 4-0 victory over Ioko Cardicarrest, sat back and reflected over a disjointed performance. Passes were hit and miss, player communication was below par and Steve shot wide, high, on the half volley, towards the corner flag and once in to orbit. Seamous was guilty of missed opportunities in front of goal and manager Andrew had a defensively sound game….full moon?

Further pressure mounted on last seasons top scorer Matt as yet another game passed without a goal, and the Khalid counter after being replaced to zero was already racking up the minutes bless him.

Keeper Matthew stood strong against the leagues lowest scorer and when called upon spread himself wide saving the ball with testicular reactions. Down and hurt he heroically played the ball out to Mike J but then curled up in the faecal position. A real man may have stood tall and bellowed is that all you have? I have a right testicle too!
Defensive Error – Ioko Cardicarrests defender runs into the box as pressure is placed upon him resulting in a penalty. Penalty taker Mike strode up to the spot. Ball placed, whistle blown, goal scored, done! 1-0.

Defensive Error – Ioko Cardicarrests same defender receives the ball from the keeper and with a classic 6-a side schoolboy error passes it straight back to the keeper resulting in a free kick 8 yards out. Fan favourite Chris eyes up the keepers positioning behind the wall and whispers to Mike, “I fancy this”. Meanwhile manager Andrew discusses with Seamous as they rest on the bench, the likelihood of fan favourite Chris scoring. Manager Andrew was less than confident and aired on the side of caution hoping for the pass rather than a “greedy shot.” Seamous belief in fan favourite Chris and his goal scoring ability was rewarded with a good strike on goal and joined with erratic goalkeeping resulting in the ball ricocheting around the keepers legs and in to the goal, 2-0!

Defensive Error – Ioko Cardicarrests goalkeepers throw out was poor and interpreted by Seamous who calmly played fan favourite Chris in on goal who slotted the ball through the goalkeeper and into the back of the net, 3-0.
Defensive Error – Huntington Road officials on video replay denied early claims for a Steven goal as the ball was clearly travelling away from the goal when it rebounded off the post and onto the goalkeepers back, 4-0! In sealing Ioko Cardicarrests fate another shot from Steve in the last minute resulted in a clean strike hitting the post and rebounding out hitting the goalkeeper in the back and rebounding in for an own goal.

The final whistle blew and only goal difference separated Superbreak FC from a promotional spot.

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