Superbreak FC 1 – 0 York Ox

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“In 2009 a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn’t commit. These men promptly escaped from a maximum-security stockade to the North Yorkshire underground. Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire the S-Team.”

The S-Team are: Andrew “Hannibal”, Mike “Howling Mad”, Seamous “Face”, Khalid “B.A.” Baracus, Reporter Wayne “Triple A”, Show Creator Danny “Frank Lupo”. Extras; Nick.

Manager Andrew “Hannibal” puffed out a ring of smoke and spoke as he held his cigar between his teeth. “We’ve lost vital points in recent weeks boys. We’ve been called in here to take three points from York Ox. Extra Nick walks by. Manager Andrew “Hannibal” whispers to Seamous “ Face”, “You know how he hates the pitch, well we’ve got to get him on that pitch! Show creator Danny “Frank Lupo” writes in to the script that Mike “Howling Mad” brings the team some pre match oranges. Khalid “B.A.” Baracas looks at Mike “Howling Mad” and says, “I don’t trust you fool! I ain’t getting on no pitch!” and switches oranges with him. Mike “Howling Mad” eats his orange and comes over all faint and collapses. Khalid “B.A.” Baracas looks on smugly as he eats his pre match orange. Suddenly he looks around and his eyes close as he slumps to the ground. Mike “Howling Mad” springs to his feet, “How did I do boss?!”. Manager Andrew “Hannibal” stubs out his cigar, “Lets get him on that pitch boys!”

Mike “Howling Mad” played as a holding striker as Superbreak FC played without striker and fan favourite Chris (back problem), Steven (back problem) hmmm?! and Matt (baby sitting for own child…so I guess being a dad). Mike “Howling Mad” managed to piece together attacks from high balls, flick-on and occasional passes to his feet.

Midway through the first half Mike “Howling Mad” took a corner kick that York Ox failed to defend. The ball ran to Seamous “ Face” who drove the shot low into the bottom right of the goal, 1-0!

Khalid “B.A.” Baracas came round from his compromised pre match orange and pitied the York Ox defence as he helped to link up play and attack balls flicked on from Mike “Howling Mad”.

Defender Manager Andrew “Hannibal” locked up the defence with show creator Danny “Frank Lupo” who’s last ditch tackles kept York Ox at bay and his breaks from defence helped to relieve pressure on the extra, Nick.

Extra and keeper Nick performed to a level that show creator Danny “ Frank Lupo” couldn’t ignore or pay minimum wage to any longer. Distribution was effective, his positioning shouts to his players were listened to but of course the decisions were thought through thoroughly before acting on, and a fine finger tip save late on in the second half was knocked on to the bar from a tight angle and was pivotal in awarding Superbreak FC with the three points.

Manager Andrew “Hannibal” commanded his players and rotated his subs much to the distaste of Mike “Howling Mad” who was heard to have shouted, “don’t make any stupid late decisions and bring on Wayne for these last few minutes as his touch isn’t happening today and it’s like playing with a man down…(he takes a breath)…but we would like to thank him for his efforts as he has defended like a true champion and blacked many passes and runs”

A blue card was awarded before the final whistle to York Ox as a professional hand-ball and some back chat to the referee saw the player leave the pitch muttering and with his head down. This didn’t spoil the Superbreak FC celebrations as the three points were secured but with the league currently out of there hands.

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