Superbreak and Smartsave – making your budget go further

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Making sure I get the most for my money when on holiday has always been really important to me and, with the current economic climate as it is, I know that it’s the same for most travellers out there too – whether they’re families, couples or intrepid individuals. That’s why I’ve been trying really hard to find out about cheap ways to enjoy city breaks in the UK and blogging about them (though admittedly, not as often as I should be!).

But here at Superbreak HQ, we’ve just announced a new offer that’s designed to offer our customers even more discounts on travel. Our partnership with Smartsave offers you great savings on London restaurants, as well as tourist attractions around the country. For instance, if you book a London hotel on our site, you’ll be able to save 20% on dining out at over selected 35 London eateries.

The Smartsave deal makes travelling with groups of friends and families more fun as well. For instance, you’ll get 20% off over 100 attractions in London and other attractions in the country when you book for up to 6 people. I’ve got so many friends and relatives who are reluctant to take their children to see the UK’s much-valued sights and landmarks because of how much it might cost for a family of four or five – especially in London, where things can be so expensive. But with deals like this, families can enjoy the experience of great attractions, without worrying about the effect it might have on their wallet.

I know I’m a little biased but, with so many people in Britain planning to take holidays at home this year in order to save money, I don’t think our Smartsave deal could have come at a better time. What’s more, people I’ve met abroad who have visited Britain always remark on how expensive it can be. But this year – with a combination of great discounts and a weak exchange rate on which to capitalise – there’s definitely no excuse for any such complaints!

3 responses to “Superbreak and Smartsave – making your budget go further

  1. Peter jACKSON

    Can you help , sometime towards the end of this year my wife and I are planning a trip to London . We are arranging to see the House of Lords and Commons , so we will need 2 nights at a 4/5 star hotel possibly within walking distance of Parliament. Also were would we find what shows are on later in the year ? We are going to use some of the resturants you have mentioned in your Blog , any advice most welcome .

    Peter and Gaynor Jackson

  2. You haven’t specified what type of aamdcmooction you would like or what season you will be travelling in, but 50pounds per night for 2 people in London is a bit of a stretch. I always stay around the Russell Square area which is really well located. connected by tube and train plus bus and easy walking distance to Covent Garden, Leicester Square, etcYou would be able to get private rooms but with share bathroom at the County Hotel with breakfast from about 50pounds. Have a look at the b bs around Cartwright Gardens, as they can be reasonably priced and include a hearty English breakfast.Cheaper still in that area is the Generator hostel which has private rooms.

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