Summer sun leads to Scottish camping invasion

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It looks like the weather has been shifting around the country like nothing else – as many people have been stuck inside watching summer rain splash against their windows, others have headed out to enjoy the sunshine. Good news for some of the rising number of people choosing to pitch a tent in the UK – Scotland in particular, and spend some time getting to grips with the great outdoors.

It’s hard to predict which area of the country is to be hit next – but many of the downpours are nothing more than summer squalls, so I hope too many people aren’t put off.

I love camping, though I must admit that I usually only break out the tent when it comes to festival season and events like Glastonbury are always so much fun that it doesn’t matter when the rain comes on. I’m not sure how I’d fare if I was camping near Inverness and the downpours began – but then maybe my chances of seeing Nessie would be higher!

There’s nothing like being outside in nice weather, though. Personally, I love even simple things like taking a walk when the sun is shining and the air is warm. And if you have the opportunity to do that in a new place, it can lead to gorgeous discoveries you’d never make whilst on holiday. I remember when I went to Venice years ago we went on one of the walking tours which was incredible, but nothing compared to some of the things I discovered for myself when exploring alone.

And taking a stroll at different times of the day can show you so much about a city’s culture. London streets are typically bustling 24/7, but come five o’ clock and you’ll be wise spend a good hour or so people watching from the window of a nice café as the offices empty – providing you get a seat, of course.

Going back to camping, though, I wonder what would be the best places to head to if you fancied a tent trip in Scotland. I know the west coast is far rainier than the east, but it also has the advantage of breathtaking mountain landscapes that would make for some excellent hiking and photo opportunities. On the other hand, the east coast is easier to get to – and it’s home to my favourite city Edinburgh where I’ll be heading for the Festival in a few weeks (I can’t wait!).

I suppose there are pros and cons of pitching a tent in any location – and it’s always going to be a cheap break, no matter where you go. Besides, nothing would stop me skipping off to a nearby hotel nearby if the good old trustworthy British weather decided to take a turn for the worse!

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