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As we are now officially in spring it is the time when most of us start to plan when and where we will be going on holiday. One of the biggest problems everyone comes up against is do we choose all inclusive or self catering, packages or a do it yourself approach, flights, ferry or a Eurostar Break, Europe or further away? There is so much to think about and so little time!!


Personally I prefer to choose my own flights. It means I can fly when I want and I can choose to avoid the massive cues at the airport. Early morning flights are ideal as it means I can travel down after work spend a night in one of the airport hotels before flying out and arriving to my destination feeling refreshed and I haven’t had to rush.  🙂


One of the advantages to planning your own holiday is choosing every single detail; you are in control of where you stay and how long you stay there. There are so many hotel offers to choose from with so many different star ratings at least this way you have the option to tailor make your holiday to your requirements.


Budgeting can be a massive issue when you go away; there is so much to take into consideration such as food, drinks, gifts and excursions. Which is why deciding between all inclusive and other board basis or going totally self catering is a tough call. Looking around before you travel for the best exchange rate is crucial to make sure you get the most out of your holiday money and you can enjoy yourself with out worrying.


After you have made all your decisions on where to go, how to get there and how long for, packed your suitcase and changed your money the only other thing to do is enjoy your holiday!

How do you choose your perfect summer holiday?

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