Strictly Come Dancing….

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Posted by Becky

Strictly Come Dancing

With just five couples left on the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing it’s getting close to crunch time. This years celebrities have battled it out on the dance floor, with many falling at the way side. Some of the chosen stars controversially made it further than anyone thought possible, Ann Widdecombe while a good sport definitely was not one for the talent pot.

December promises to be the month of dancing, while I prefer to watch then take part it does make me wish I could get up and move to the music. Whether a bit of rock ‘n roll, a romantic waltz or steamy tango there is something about dancing that makes the spine tingle.

This weekend I plan to get a bottle of wine, settle onto the sofa and watch Gavin, Kara, Pamela, Matt and Scott perform for their place in the final. Once the final takes place on the 18th of December one of these five people, along with their professional dancing partner, will be crowned the Strictly Come Dancing Champion of 2010.

It doesn’t end there though, with a special planned for Christmas Day and a live tour in 2011 there is plenty of dancing left to enjoy. The live tour is travelling across the UK, including Manchester, Glasgow, Dublin and London and will feature many stars of the show including Ann Widdecombe, Matt Baker, Pamela Stephenson and 2005 runner up Colin Jackson. Zoe Ball who came third in  2005 will present the show.

Who do you think will win the 8th series of Strictly and where will you be going to see all the live action?

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  1. i wanted her to have a dance this year but aralpentpy the bbc woudlnt let her, cos she was a jugde, it was kind of like one thing or the other. glad she sang though she was fab mabey next year they’ll let her dance, since that darcey bussle got to dance. <3 xx

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